30 Alternative Best Christmas Ideas for Families in 2024 (Different Ways To Spend Christmas)

Is it almost Christmas? It’s as if we went on summer vacation yesterday and woke up today needing to complete our Christmas shopping. Where did all the time go? We have yet to realize that a full year has passed us by. To make matters much more unpleasant, we need more time to plan or think about gifts. How will you plan the full event for your family in such a short period? You may not want to do it at all. Even if you did consider it, you could be open to trying something new this year.

Best Christmas Ideas for Families
Best Christmas Ideas for Families

Quick ideas about Alternative Best Christmas Ideas for Families

  1. Festive gaming night with the family
  2. Virtual relative’s Christmas gathering
  3. Homemade Christmas decorations and crafts
  4. Scavenger hunt for Christmas with clues and prizes
  5. Family Day of Christmas baking
  6. Holiday film marathon featuring favorite flicks
  7. Christmas story time and reading aloud
  8. Sledding and ice skating are examples of outdoor winter pastimes.
  9. Giving back to the community and volunteering
  10. Family picture shoots complete with holiday clothes and decorations.

We’re all hooked on ancient traditions and conventions that suggest we need a lot of gifts beneath the Christmas tree or a lot of food, beverages, and other such things. Of course, spending time with family and friends is great, but it may all become too much at times. Sometimes all those traditions, presents, decorations, and tiresome parties call for a break. There’s nothing wrong with it, and you’re not alone in your feelings. As a result, we have some unusual alternative Christmas ideas for families that want to break free from customary restrictions and plan alternative Christmas celebrations. All of these should assist you in planning and making the day exceptional with minimal effort. Alternative Christmas Celebrations, Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas, Alternative Christmas Holidays, Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas, Alternative Christmas Dinner, Pagan Alternatives To Christmas, Different Ways To Spend Christmas, and Alternative Christmas Movies.

Best Gift For Your Family

The Best Gift For Your Family

Avoid the roast supper.

Everyone enjoys a big Christmas roast dinner, but it can also be a lot of effort! If it’s only your family this Christmas, forego the roast for something much easier. You can order pizza or your favorite takeout or create a fun new meal as a family.

Organize a movie marathon.

On Christmas Day, you sometimes want to stay in your pajamas, curl up on the couch, and watch Christmas movies. How about doing precisely that this year? Choose your family’s favorites ahead of time and research where you can watch them online. You may even construct timetables for everyone with the films and estimated times noted on them as a fun craft activity. Then settle back for a relaxed day of cinema entertainment!

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Go International

Go to a Different Country

Instead of gifts, are you seeking family Christmas ideas? We heartily recommend planning a family vacation. We’re not talking about taking a drive to a nearby city. The magic is about traveling to a distant land you’ve never seen before. Christmas is a globally significant holiday, and every country celebrates it differently. It may be time for you and your family to branch out this year and observe how other people celebrate Christmas.

Visit a location that has long been on your desired list.

Why not spend your vacation in a Tuscan villa? I’m talking about Tuscany… natural beauty, sunshine, food, and wine… don’t you think it’s the perfect winter activity? While you’re there, you may take a culinary lesson. Or any other class. Improve your Italian and use it to negotiate the price of those magnificent leather bags you’ve coveted for so long.


This is a good one. Want to feel the feelings of travel without really going? Make your way to the airport a few days before these international holidays. Take a look at the crowds. Be thankful that you’re not going anyplace. The woman dozing on her luggage, clutching her pocketbook, might be YOU. Then turn around and return to town to reward yourself with something you’ll appreciate.

Family party

Throw a party

Since you’re already on the road, why not bring some new friends? I’m not much of a group traveler, but I’ve spent numerous Christmas holidays away from home, one of which featured individuals I met in a hotel lobby and an eventual party in Zanzibar, all with people I hardly knew. And what a celebration that was!

Take care of yourself.

Spend the week at a spa getting pounded and losing weight while everyone else is gaining. Instead, seek an ayurvedic detoxification therapy. The “new you” might be around the corner. Or you may be the same old you but healthier. Or why not go all out in terms of luxury? Is this your opportunity to dine at that new Michelin-starred establishment? Or do you want to spend the night at that magnificent, opulent hotel with the liveried doorman and the wrought iron Art Nouveau elevator? You may do something nefarious. Or you are prohibited. Only this once.

Swimming in the Sea

Have you ever spent Christmas at the beach? If the answer is no, pack your belongings and plan a family picnic. A beach picnic is one of the most enjoyable things to do with your family on Christmas Day. You may even organize a swimming competition with your family members. Swimming in the sea for Christmas will be fun; you’ll have much to discuss for weeks. There are also plenty of enjoyable things to do at the beach at night. Take a risk and give it a go!

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Tour by Foot

Nothing is more gorgeous in the winter than a Christmas walking tour of the city. Bring your family members outside to see the illumination and decorations. Pause now and again for a doughnut, some cookies, coffee, or even snow games. A great and enjoyable Christmas is promised!

Film Therapy

Movies, movies, and more movies. Christmas is all about movies, so take some time to appreciate them. There’s something special about viewing movies around the holidays. With all those snacks, food, beverages, decorations, and gifts, you want to remain home and watch your favorite movies all day. We say go for it! Set blankets around the tree for the entire family to enjoy Christmas movie therapy.

Take part in board games.

Many families play a board game together on Christmas Eve, but why not spend the entire day playing games this year? Switch between oldies from your youth and recent games like Liar to keep everyone interested! Pants on Fire! and Horrible Histories the Board Game. Take plenty of stops to stretch, brew more hot chocolate, and refuel with festive goodies!

Cooking with others

You should collaborate on the new menu as a family once you’ve all agreed! Nothing beats cooking with your closest friends and family. A large group of people in the kitchen preparing various foods and beverages equals a lot of fun. Please tell your family about it; we’re sure they’ll be happy.


Yeah, it is already customary for the entire family to decorate the house for Christmas. This year, though, we propose doing something different. Replace your existing decorations with new ones! Your family will spend hours designing, cutting, assembling, and undertaking other home improvement projects. It will not only be a lot of fun, but you will also have a one-of-a-kind Christmas decoration!

Try something out of the ordinary.

Not that this is for everyone, but if you’re looking for something unique to do for a non-traditional Christmas (and are a complete masochist), why not go ice swimming? The faint of heart might attempt plain old winter swimming, which is relatively easy to come by in North America or Northern Europe. Enjoy!

Winter may be brutal.

When we’re on the subject of cold and winter, consider Iceland and Greenland. Why not go mega-winter if you’re going to go winter? Both nations welcome visitors in December and have a variety of special offers for anyone willing to endure the cold. If Alaska and Northern Canada are closer, there’s always that…

Food presents

People seeking gift exchange ideas may appreciate this alternative: we propose hosting a food exchange. It’s rather simple; agree with other family members, arrange a timetable for using the kitchen, and the fun can begin! You may all make various items in secret and then swap food presents. Anything from cookies to nutritious handmade bread may be on the menu.

Exchange of white elephants

Now could be the time if you’ve never planned a white elephant gift exchange. The game is fairly basic, yet it is really popular. It enables giving small, inexpensive, and even previously used items for Christmas.

There are two options for organizing the trade. You can choose an amount to be spent on a present so that everyone in the family has an upper and lower limit. You may also arrange to exchange objects around the house that are no longer needed. Everyone in the family should draw a number from the hat in each situation. The person who draws number one gets to open the first gift, and then a second person either steals the first item or opens another one, and so on. This game is a lot of fun and will make Christmas a lot more fun!

What are some creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas?

  • Using natural materials such as pinecones, branches, and holly to create a rustic, warm atmosphere.
  • Make paper snowflakes or origami ornaments to hang.
  • Create a pleasant, festive atmosphere with fairy lights.
  • To create a winter wonderland, cover surfaces with artificial snow or fake snow spray.
  • Choose non-traditional hues such as silver, gold, or pink to decorate.

How can we include environmentally responsible activities in our Christmas festivities?

  • Instead of buying new wrapping paper or gift bags, use recycled ones.
  • Select presents made of ecologically friendly materials or that encourage environmentally good behaviors.
  • To adorn the house and tree, use LED lights, which consume less energy than conventional lights.
  • Instead of single-use plastics, use reusable or biodegradable products such as plates, glasses, and cutlery.
  • Make handcrafted presents or decorations out of repurposed items.

What non-traditional Christmas dinners or goodies can we prepare as a family?

  • Serve quiches, pancakes, and fruit salad during a Christmas breakfast.
  • Prepare handmade pizzas with holiday toppings such as cranberry sauce and turkey.
  • Offer shrimp cocktails, lobster soup, and grilled fish as part of a seafood feast.
  • Try international foods such as tamales, sushi, or falafel for a distinct spin.
  • Create holiday treats like peppermint bark, gingerbread cookies, or hot chocolate fudge.

How can we incorporate holiday customs from different cultures into our Christmas celebrations?

Investigate and incorporate traditional holiday foods from several countries into your Christmas dinner.

Learn about and participate in other cultures’ holiday rituals and traditions.

Have a potluck meal with each guest bringing a dish from their ethnic heritage.

Create decorations based on various holiday customs, such as paper lanterns or pietas.

Read books or watch films on various holiday customs from throughout the world.

What virtual Christmas activities can we perform as a family with distant relatives?

Organize a virtual gift exchange or a Secret Santa game.

Make a holiday feast together through video chat.

Enjoy online games such as charades, Pictionary, and quizzes.

While on a video call, watch a Christmas movie or TV special together.

Create a virtual scrapbook by sharing holiday stories or experiences.

What outdoor winter activities can we do as a family over the holidays?

Take up ice skating or sledding.

Build a snowman or have a snowball battle.

Go on a winter trek or a nature stroll.

Visit a nearby tree farm to select your own Christmas tree.

Take a Christmas light tour or drive around to admire the holiday displays.

What can we do to make gift-giving more meaningful and long-lasting?

Instead of physical presents, provide experiences such as concert tickets or a day trip to a local location.

Pick practical or useful presents that the recipient will use regularly.

When shopping for presents, support local or small companies.

Create handmade presents or crafts out of eco-friendly materials.

Instead of sending a physical present, consider donating to a charity in someone’s name.

What are some positive and entertaining ways to give back to our community this holiday season?

Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen in your community.

Participate in a toy or coat drive for low-income families.

Assist with the Christmas decorating of a community center or nursing home.

Support a needy family and provide them with

Make a craft with your hands.

Be honest: how frequently do you do it (besides cleaning dishes and typing on the computer)? Make your cards using scissors and construction paper. Polish and strip an antique chair. On an old cabinet, paint an ornate pattern. Build a stuffed animal. If you have snow, you may also build a snowcat. Focus on gathering stray Legos, toothpicks, matches, puzzles, needlework, and origami pieces. If you’re on the road, go to the market and look for a lady who is creating something – show interest, and she may teach you how to do it. It’s superior to meditation.

Yep. The snowcat.

Go to the dark side.

Explore Atlas Obscura for a virtual tour of the world’s fascinating and strange sites. A little strange, a little unusual, but always incredible. It’ll make you forget about Christmas entirely.

Decide to stay at home.

I loathe even using the phrase “staycation,” yet exploring your backyard has a lot of advantages. I’ve been doing that in my region in Eastern France, and it never ceases to astonish me how much is just on my doorstep.

Do something insignificant.

As an example, you may change your Facebook banner image. Your Christmas alternatives do not have to be huge or thrilling. Instead, change your Twitter profile. Create a Pinterest board. It’s a sly way to return to social media, where you can meet other ladies who share your feelings about the holidays. Or search through Amazon, looking for something foolish like “alternative Christmas presents.”

Spend a lot of money on Christmas Eve dinner.

Some families observe the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This Southern Italian tradition most likely arose due to the Roman Catholic commandment to abstain from eating meat on Christmas Eve. “We start with fried smelts with lemon juice and scungilli salad,” Alyssa Jung, senior editor for the Hearst Health Newsroom, adds. “For supper, we had baccala, or salted fish; roasted shrimp scampi; giant pesto scallops; stuffed squid; and pasta aglio e olio. This is the only time we will consume these items. It’s my all-time favorite dinner!” Some families might perform a Polish wigilia, a Swedish julbord, or just some of their favorite passed-down recipes instead of the Feast of the Seven Fishes, but the end effect is the same: food coma.

What is the genuine resolution as a journalist? Can I finish it by the end of the year? Is it plausible? Can I afford it, and if not, what steps should I take to rectify that?

These are excellent questions when setting goals or planning for change, including alternative Christmas ideas for families. It is critical to be realistic about what you can do in a given timeline and consider considerations such as cost and practicality. If you need clarification on whether a certain proposal is feasible or economical, breaking it down into smaller parts or conducting further research may be beneficial. Consider methods to make your objectives more attainable, such as saving money or looking for free or low-cost alternatives. Finally, realistic, inexpensive, achievable objectives and strategies will assist in guaranteeing that you can follow through and effect the changes you desire.

What are your plans for the holidays?

I might spend Christmas with my family, exchanging gifts, eating a festive feast, and participating in other seasonal customs. During Christmas, some people may volunteer, attend church services, or engage in other community events. The specific activities that people engage in during the Christmas season vary greatly based on their personal beliefs, cultural background, and individual tastes.

To summarize

Many alternative best Christmas ideas for families may make the holiday season more meaningful, memorable, and one-of-a-kind. There are endless ways to break from tradition and establish new traditions that meet your family’s interests and values, from alternative Christmas festivities and gift ideas to alternate ways to celebrate Christmas and pagan alternatives to Christmas. Some options include eco-friendly practices, foreign meals and holiday customs, outdoor winter activities, and virtual events for the faraway family. Alternate Christmas tree ideas and decorations, alternative Christmas feasts, and alternative Christmas movies are all excellent ways to spice up your holiday traditions. Families may make the holiday season more unique and fun for everyone by exploring alternate Christmas ideas.

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