Do you bring a gift to a Mormon baptism?

In the LDS (Latter-day Saints) tradition, the Mormon baptism ceremony holds immense significance. It marks a pivotal moment in the life of a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, symbolizing the individual’s commitment to their faith and their journey towards salvation. Central to this ceremony is not only the act of baptism itself but also the spirit of celebration and support exhibited by family and community members. One aspect that often accompanies this joyous occasion is the tradition of gift-giving.

Gift-giving has been a longstanding tradition across various religious ceremonies and celebrations worldwide. Whether it’s a baptism, a wedding, a religious holiday, or a milestone event, the act of presenting a gift serves multiple purposes. In the context of religious ceremonies, gifts often symbolize love, support, and encouragement. They can also carry deeper significance, reflecting the values, beliefs, and teachings of the faith community involved.

Bring a gift to a Mormon baptism
Bring a gift to a Mormon baptism

Within the LDS community, baptisms are no exception to this tradition. The ceremony itself is a sacred ordinance, signifying the individual’s willingness to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and enter into a covenant with God. In this context, the gesture of bringing a gift to a Mormon baptism takes on added meaning. It becomes a tangible expression of love and support for the individual being baptized, as well as a symbol of the community’s commitment to nurturing their spiritual journey.

Purpose of Bringing a Gift to a Mormon Baptism

The act of bringing a gift to a Mormon baptism serves multiple purposes, each deeply rooted in the principles of faith, love, and community. Firstly, it symbolizes the importance of the occasion and the significance of the commitment being made by the baptized individual. By presenting a gift, family members, friends, and fellow church members demonstrate their recognition of the spiritual significance of the event and their desire to celebrate it in a meaningful way.

Moreover, gifts can serve as practical tokens of support for the individual embarking on their journey of faith. Whether it’s a keepsake to commemorate the day, a religious item to aid in their spiritual growth, or a token of encouragement for the challenges ahead, gifts have the power to uplift and inspire. Additionally, the act of selecting and presenting a gift provides an opportunity for personal connection and expression of care, strengthening the bonds of love and fellowship within the community.

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Mormon Baptism

In the LDS Churchbaptism is not merely a ritual; it’s a sacred ordinance signifying a covenant between an individual and God. Understanding the significance of baptism in this context requires delving into the core beliefs of the Latter-day Saints.

The Significance of Baptism in the LDS Church

Baptism is considered essential for salvation in the LDS faith. It symbolizes a commitment to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings, as well as a desire to cleanse oneself from sin and start anew. This ordinance is rooted in the belief that through baptism, individuals are cleansed by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and are spiritually reborn.

Role of Priesthood Holders and the Ordinance of Baptism

In the LDS Church, baptism is typically performed by individuals holding the priesthood authority. This authority is believed to have been restored through divine revelation to the prophet Joseph Smith. Priesthood holders perform the baptism by immersion in water, following the example set by Jesus Christ himself.

Overview of the Baptismal Ceremony

The baptismal ceremony is a simple yet profound event. It usually takes place in a designated baptismal font within an LDS meetinghouse or a temple. The individual being baptized enters the font, accompanied by a priesthood holder, and is fully immersed in water as a symbol of purification and rebirth.

One of the most significant aspects of LDS baptism is the reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost. This gift is conferred through the laying on of hands by priesthood holders shortly after the baptism. The Holy Ghost is believed to be a constant companion, providing guidance, comfort, and spiritual enlightenment to those who receive it.

The Importance of Baptismal Covenants and the Role of Jesus Christ

At the heart of LDS baptism are the baptismal covenants made by the individual. These covenants include commitments to follow Jesus Christ, repent of sins, and strive to live according to his teachings. By entering into these covenants, individuals express their willingness to take upon themselves the name of Christ and become disciples of him.

Furthermore, Jesus Christ occupies a central role in the LDS baptismal ordinance. It is through his atoning sacrifice that individuals can be cleansed from sin and receive the promise of eternal life. As such, baptism represents a personal commitment to align one’s life with the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Gift-giving etiquette

In the LDS community, gift-giving holds special significance, particularly in the context of religious ceremonies like baptisms. Understanding the etiquette surrounding gift-giving at Mormon baptismal services involves recognizing the importance of thoughtful gestures and selecting gifts that resonate with the sacred nature of the occasion.

Tradition of Bringing Gifts to Religious Ceremonies

The tradition of bringing gifts to religious ceremonies has deep roots in cultures around the world. In the context of LDS baptisms, this tradition is a way for family members, friends, and fellow church members to express love, support, and encouragement for the individual being baptized. It is seen as a tangible manifestation of the community’s commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of its members and celebrating important milestones in their faith journey.

The Importance of Thoughtful Gifts in Mormon Culture

In Mormon culture, the act of gift giving is more than just a customary practice; it is an opportunity to demonstrate love, thoughtfulness, and consideration for others. This is especially true in the case of baptisms, which are viewed as sacred ordinances symbolizing a commitment to following Jesus Christ. As such, the gifts presented on this occasion hold particular significance and are often cherished as reminders of the love and support surrounding the individual on their special day.

Considerations for Selecting an Appropriate Gift for a Mormon Baptism

When selecting a gift for a Mormon baptism, several considerations come into play. Firstly, it’s important to choose a gift that aligns with the sacred nature of the occasion. This could include religious items such as scriptures, religious artwork, or symbols of faith.

Secondly, personalization adds a special touch to the gift, making it more meaningful to the recipient. Whether it’s engraving the individual’s name or including a personalized message, this extra effort demonstrates thoughtfulness and care.

Lastly, symbolism can play a significant role in the selection of a gift. Look for items that carry symbolic meaning within the LDS faith, such as a necklace featuring the CTR (Choose the Right) emblem or a bookmark with a scripture verse.

Gift Ideas for a Mormon Baptism

When choosing a gift for a Mormon baptism, it’s essential to select something meaningful and appropriate for the occasion. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that encompass practicality, symbolism, personalization, and longevity:

1. Practical Gifts for Children or Infants

  • Clothes or Accessories for the Baptismal Day: Consider gifting a beautiful outfit or accessories for the baptized child to wear on their special day. This could include a white jumpsuit or dress, shoes, socks, or a bonnet, symbolizing purity and innocence.

2. Symbolic Gifts Representing LDS beliefs and values

  • Scripture Gel Highlighters: These practical yet symbolic gifts are perfect for individuals who are beginning their journey of studying the scriptures. Gel highlighters come in various colors and can help highlight important passages and teachings.
  • Personalized Baptism Quad: A quad refers to a set of LDS scriptures, including the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Consider gifting a personalized quad with the individual’s name engraved on the cover, symbolizing their commitment to study and live by the teachings found within these sacred texts.

3. Personalized Gifts for the Baptized Individual

  • Pendant Necklaces: A delicate pendant necklace featuring a religious symbol, such as a cross or an angel, can serve as a constant reminder of the individual’s faith and commitment to following Jesus Christ. Consider personalizing the necklace with the individual’s initials or a meaningful date.
  • Baptismal Covenant Bookmarks: These bookmarks can be customized with a scripture verse or a quote related to baptism, serving as a tangible reminder of the promises made during the baptismal covenant. Include the individual’s name and the date of their baptism for a personalized touch.

4. Ideas for Gifts that Can Be Cherished for Years to Come

  • Adjustable CTR Rings: The CTR (Choose the Right) ring is a popular symbol within the LDS community, representing the commitment to making righteous choices. Adjustable CTR rings are perfect for children and can be worn as a daily reminder of their baptismal covenant.
  • Silicone CTR Rings: For individuals with an active lifestyle, silicone CTR rings offer durability and comfort. These rings come in various colors and designs, allowing the wearer to express their personality while symbolizing their commitment to following Christ.

Regardless of the gift you choose, the most important aspect is the thought and love behind it. Each of these gift ideas embodies the spirit of celebrating this special milestone in an individual’s faith journey and can serve as a cherished reminder of their commitment to following Jesus Christ.


As you prepare to attend a Mormon baptism, you may have questions regarding gift-giving etiquette and expectations. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do You Need to Bring a Gift to a Mormon Baptism?

Bringing a gift to a Mormon baptism is a common practice, but it is not mandatory. While there is no strict requirement to present a gift, many guests choose to do so as a gesture of love and support for the baptized individual. Gifts can range from simple tokens of affection to more elaborate presents, depending on the preferences of the giver and the significance of the occasion.

What Are Some Appropriate Gifts for a Mormon Baptism?

When selecting a gift for a Mormon baptism, it’s important to choose something that aligns with the sacredness of the occasion and reflects the values of the LDS faith. Here are some thoughtful and suitable gift ideas:

  • Religious Items: Consider giving religious items such as scriptures, religious artwork, or symbols of faith. These gifts can help reinforce the individual’s commitment to their religious beliefs and provide inspiration for their spiritual journey.
  • Personalized Gifts: Personalized gifts, such as engraved jewelry or customized keepsakes, add a special touch to the occasion. They show that you’ve put thought and effort into selecting a gift that is meaningful to the recipient.
  • Practical Gifts: Practical gifts, such as clothing or accessories for the baptismal day, can also be appreciated. These items serve a functional purpose while also commemorating the special occasion.

Ultimately, the best gift is one that comes from the heart and reflects your relationship with the baptized individual. Whether it’s a small token of affection or a more elaborate present, the gesture of giving is what matters most.

Is it necessary to spend a lot on a gift for a Mormon baptism?

There is no set rule regarding the amount of money you should spend on a gift for a Mormon baptism. What matters most is the thoughtfulness and sincerity behind the gift. Rather than focusing on the monetary value, consider choosing a gift that holds personal significance for the baptized individual and reflects your relationship with them.


In conclusion, the act of bringing a gift to a Mormon baptism is more than just a customary practice; it is a heartfelt expression of love, support, and encouragement for the baptized individual. As we’ve explored, gifts play a significant role in celebrating this special milestone in their faith journey and symbolize the collective commitment of the community to nurture and support their spiritual growth.

By presenting a gift, whether it’s a simple token of affection or a more elaborate present, we honor the sacredness of the occasion and acknowledge the individual’s commitment to follow Jesus Christ. The gift serves as a tangible reminder of the love and support surrounding them on their baptismal day and in the days that follow.

As members of the LDS Church, we are encouraged to embrace the spirit of giving, not only in the context of Mormon baptisms but also in celebrating other important religious milestones within our community. Whether it’s a baptism, a wedding, or a religious holiday, the act of giving gifts fosters a sense of unity, love, and fellowship among believers.

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