How Do You Get A Boy For His Baptism? Last-minute baptism gift ideas in 2024

You have been invited to attend a baptism for a boy, which will be one of the most memorable days in the life of the boy’s parents and one of the most memorable days in the life of the kid himself. It is a great and holy occasion since it is to remember the beginning of his journey with God, marking the beginning of his relationship with God. Therefore, to answer the question of “what do you get a guy for his baptism?” it is necessary first to choose the present you intend to give.

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Being invited to baptism is an extraordinary and prestigious event.

You are considered somebody who holds significant importance for the parents of the child who will be baptized. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be aware of what is required of you and what you anticipate experiencing throughout the baptism.

What Do You Get A Boy For His Baptism
What Do You Get A Boy For His Baptism

Gifts Given During Traditional Baptisms for Infant Boys

It is recommended that you seek a present that is suitable for the occasion whenever you attend a traditional function. This can take many forms, such as giving a godson an heirloom from the family or a personal treasure, or it might take the form of a bespoke present with a spiritual bent.

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to choose a thoughtful present that both parents and children will enjoy receiving.

The company comes out on top overall. Personalized Baby Blankets Numbering Twenty-Six

Our favourite option is the Personalized Baby Blanket offered by TwentySix since it is classic, can be personalized, and will undoubtedly be treasured for many years. The baby’s first and middle names and the date of their baptism may be stitched on the embroidered quilt to give it a customized touch. Below the current date is a teeny-tiny grey cross. There are also a few more options available, such as writing “Baptized in Christ” instead of adding the baby’s name on the certificate.

On the order form, you can select the colour of the monogramming that best suits your taste. The gorgeously plush quilt with scalloped borders would be an excellent complement to the room in which your baby will be sleeping. Even better, it will look great long after the infant stage is through!

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Canvas Print
Canvas Print

Canvas Print

Check out this wall painting if you’re seeking thoughtful gift ideas to give to infant boys who are about to be christened. It is understated in its elegance—an excellent option for hanging directly over the baby bed.

Personalized Keepsake Round Box from Susabellas

Most items given as presents during infant baptisms are gender-neutral and can thus be presented to either a boy or a girl. On the other hand, we have uncovered a present appropriate for males or females. The memento box is made of earthenware clay and is white. It bears a straightforward monogram on the lid and is personalized with the baby’s name.

If you are searching for a gift that they will treasure for many years to come, this is, without a doubt, the best option. First, however, we need to find a way to ensure that they won’t ever keep insects or worms in there! However, there is no need to be concerned because this clay keepsake box is durable and straightforward to clean. In addition, it can be engraved with a traditional Irish blessing or any other words or feelings you would like to convey to the recipient on the occasion of their unique baptism.

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Pooh Godparent Pillow Embroidered by Sewing Croft

The Winnie the Pooh Godparent Pillow Embroidered by Sewing Croft.

An inspirational saying is embroidered on this beautiful pillow: “A godfather always has love to offer and time to spare. Therefore, there is usually a godfather present.”) and a Winnie the Pooh artwork that is equally adorable. This cherished keepsake for a godson or goddaughter can be displayed in their bedroom as a token of the good family’s love during the child’s formative years. In addition, there is a variation between a godmother and a godparent.

Personalized Baby Blanket for Baptism or Christening

A baby blanket is one of the most typical presents that one may offer to a newborn. There aren’t many alternatives that are as helpful for a tiny one as a personalized item like this one is, and this is one of them. As a kind present for your godson, you can order a customised baby blanket embroidered with the date of his baptism. This kind of gift will be warmly recalled for a long time.

Christening Outfit Bodysuit

A baby boy needs to wear the appropriate clothing for a baptism. Therefore, the customary attire for the family is an excellent choice for a godmother to make when looking for the most suitable gift for a baby boy to give on the occasion of his baptism.

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Ocean Drop Patterns and Designs Chalkboard-Style Godchild Print, Gift from Godparents to the Child

What about commissioned works of art for the new baby’s room? This sign, which is styled after a chalkboard, is quite remarkable. Finally, you have a few alternatives regarding the text about godchildren for both boys and girls.

Godchild Present for Susabella, Including a Necklace

Another tried-and-true option for a baby baptism present is a memento box with the recipient’s name. It may be used to hold the cross necklace they will most likely get, or in this instance, the beautiful cross necklace that is decorated with crystals included with the item! Score.

Words Are Used in Printing Personalized Gifts for a Baby Shower or Baptism Nursery Print

This baptism gift idea is for those godparents who live far away. The unique print depicts your state, the state that your baby will live in, and two hearts joined by a dashed line that runs between the two states. Because your connection “knows no distance,” as the saying goes.

Baptism Gift Etiquette

To begin, visitors are not obligated to bring presents to the baptism. Some baptism invitations specifically encourage attendees to forgo getting gifts. However, most parents value them, and their children will, too (even if it isn’t for a few years). So, what should you offer as a present at a baptism? Your relationship with the child and their family will determine how you proceed.


It is traditional for godparents to present their godchildren with presents at their baptism, and the practice also works in reverse. Because godparents play such an essential role in a child’s life, the gifts they give during baptism are almost always more thoughtfully crafted and unique than those provided by others. Your godson or goddaughter will appreciate very much a souvenir that was personalized with a special message from you. However, there are other choices available to you. Have you ever encountered the expression, “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”? Because of its association with good fortune, silver feeding spoons (and, more generally, any other things made of silver) are frequently given as baptism presents by godparents who wish their godchildren a life filled with success and happiness.


You are more than welcome to give a thoughtful present, even if you are just another guest. Baby baptism presents are traditional of a religious character; nevertheless, you should be reassured if you don’t know much about the faith (for example, if you don’t share it) because you may still provide a thoughtful present. Feel free to get creative, but remember that adding a personal touch is always welcome. If you are at a loss for what to provide as a baptism present, a monetary donation, such as a savings bond or a straightforward card conveying your best wishes, are both acceptable options. The reception that follows the religious rite of baptism is traditionally when presents are given. You may also send your gift to the baby after the event.

Quick Tips


  • Gifts with a spiritual or religious theme are excellent for a boy’s baptism.
  • Personalized presents can be engraved, printed, or painted with the boy’s name, the day of his baptism, and a personalized message or prayer of your choosing. These options include engraving, printing, and painting.
  • A sentimental gift may be anything like an heirloom passed down through the family or something that holds a special significance for you and that you would like to give him as a present.
  • Religious board games, such as “Life of Christ,” “Solomon’s Temple,” “The Journeys of Paul,” “The Bible Man Board Game,” “Walking to Jesus,” and “Bible Scrabble,” provide amusing and meaningful baptismal presents.
  • Baptism for a boy is a joyful and holy occasion since it marks the beginning of his walk with God and serves as a memorial for the start of his life.
  • One of the best ways to express gratitude for the invitation to attend this memorable event is to do it as a gift.
  • To answer the question of “what do you get a boy for his baptism,” you will first need to determine the nature of the present you intend to offer him and the degree to which you are connected to the child’s family.

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