33 Best Unique gifts for Indian grandparents -( Facilities for elderly grandparents )

In my opinion, the best gift I can ever give my grandparents is not something worldly like a shirt, watch, cane, or any other thing, but if I spend some quality time with them, talk with them, and listen to what they have to say, they will be on cloud nine. To my grandparents, spending time with them and talking to them is the only thing they want from their grandchildren to make them feel loved. After spending three months living with them altogether, I have realized that that is what I have learned from them.

Gifts for Indian grandparents
Gifts for Indian grandparents

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Because it is your grandparent’s golden jubilee, it would be a good idea to ask your cousins if you could have a get-together for them. When everyone takes time out of their busy schedules to spend time with them, it will make it more special for them. (Please let me know if you would like me to suggest anything from my side).

Grandparents are considered a special blessing for their grandchildren in Indian families. Families are held together by the Indian grandparents’ and grandchildren’s bond. Their grandchildren need help managing their emotions, understanding transitions, and becoming more resilient. As far as their upbringing was concerned, Indian grandparents were extremely strict regarding their children. The people that were a part of this network were like a safety net that took care of the grandchildren when the parents were away. Therefore, since they are their grandparents’ grandchildren, they should take the opportunity to show their gratitude to them with gifts for Indian grandparents. Because 80% of Hindus live in India, it is unsurprising that many Indian grandparents are religious while still adhering to tradition and culture. It is, therefore, imperative that gifts for Indian grandparents connect with Indian customs and Hinduism to be meaningful.

My grandmother is Indian, so what can I give her?

Keep in touch with her by buying her a phone or tablet. At that age, all they want is a hug, a kind word, and a big smile from you. I guarantee it will mean a lot to them to see you happy.


  2. To complete the look, you should wear a saree or a beautiful suit (tuna suit Karta dadi ;))
  3. Drinking mugs for coffee and tea
  4. Bag of hot water
  5. Spray of volini or some tailam
  6. Her sisters would love a new phone to play Candy Rush and hear Dilip Kumar’s old songs.
  7. Wearing new spectacles is one of the best things you can do
  8. To be able to learn new things as well as watch movies and religious stuff, she will need a new laptop.
  9. A new pair of DIABETIC OR BP RELIEF shoes can make all the difference in the world.
  10. Walking stick replacement
  11. Watches are always in style.
  12. Maybe she’d like an innovative washroom or kitchen.
  13. Maybe a box of chocolates, a teddy bear, or even just her favorite achar will do
  14. The list is endless, but do ensure that you give her something valuable that she can use.

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Do you have any suggestions on what would be the best gift to give to my grandmother, who lives in India and is 70 years old?

I live in Germany, and my sweet grandma lives in a small village in India where she works as a teacher. Due to her diabetes, she has been avoiding food with even the faintest hint of sugar for many years. She does not eat any sweets or desserts at all. She even drinks tea without sugar. However, although she loves all those things, her blood glucose level rises immediately if she consumes them, causing her problems.

It is also not uncommon for her feet to hurt from time to time, especially during the winter months. This is mainly caused by cracks in her heels, which are causing her to experience pain.

  1. Syrup that is sweet and sugarless without adding any sugar to it
  2. Nothing is better than a good moisturizing cream, especially for your feet.
  3. Two pairs of socks with beads are attached to each team’s bottom.
  4. Consider buying something that she is likely to eat or use regularly. The fact that her grandchildren know and care about her choices and lifestyle makes her happy knowing that they care about what she does.
  5. Make sure she has acupressure footwear that she can use daily.
  6. Sarees are an excellent gift for her.
  7. Create a photo frame with her favorite memories, such as her wedding picture.
  8. If you sponsor her, give her a chance to go on a mythological trip.
  9. Please get her a phone or something through which she can access her favorite songs, bhajans, and stories.
  10. As a safety awareness measure, you may also consider installing a wireless security system in your home if your budget permits it.
  11. If you still cannot decide, you can give her some money as a gift and ask for her blessings if you cannot make a decision.

It is useless if you speak kind words to them, spend quality time with them, listen to their stories, and seek their blessings and advice because there is not much satisfaction in doing these things. The way they expect respect is to respect them. There’s nothing else they need, I guess.

I wish you the best of luck in making them happy.

Be humble and be happy.

She has started having regular tea and other sweet things since then and has also been enjoying them. All she does is add two drops of syrup to everything. I have noticed that she seems happier than she used to be! The first thing that she always asks me when I call her is to bring more syrup bottles and moisturizing cream with me when I come back to India. As a result, her feet stay in better condition for a more extended period. Being able to see her more comfortable makes me feel thrilled. I feel satisfied in some way.

Understand the nature of them and their gifts.

For example,

  • If they are interested in spiritual matters, you might want to gift them audio holy books. There is an audio version of the Quran, the Bible, the Ramayana, and the Bhagavat Gita.
  • Gift them some nice clothes if they like to dress up a lot.
  • Gift them a primary mobile phone if they feel alone, so they can talk to their children, relatives, etc., if they feel lonely.
  • The best thing to do is take them to a nice place, with all your memories, if they like to go out and share some happy memories together.

Your grandparents will embrace all you do with all of your affection and will be grateful for it. So please spend time with them, even if you don’t give them anything. Speak and hear with them. They certainly have many tales to tell and adventures to share. You’ll benefit from it in life:

Thank you for considering your grandparents. Few people take action.

Are there any gifts you can take from the USA to India for your old parents who live in India?

Here are a few well-thought-out recommendations that have previously been made. However, I was compelled to respond to this. Even if spending time with their children may be the most excellent present, it’s the unexpected one that parents will remember the most.

Even though you chat with your parents frequently while living far away, I’m sure you would have missed them. The best gift of all is this emptiness from a distance being articulated in a form that parents can relate to and understand—one that they would value.

What about a modest handwritten message explaining your experience of being lost or a costly handcrafted object with phrases describing its contents?

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Traditional Indian Gifts

From personalized photo gifts to a card game that lets you get to know them better, there are many lovely and considerate presents for grandparents.

Personalized Burlap Family Name Sign for your home

This gift will help them capture the memories of their grandkids and their birthdays in a most beautiful way. With this handmade, personalized piece, you (or your grandparents) can include any important dates on rustic burlap. Are you looking for a starting point for your project? It might be a good idea to start with their wedding anniversary and work from there.

The purpose of this activity is to start a conversation.

I believe that this gift will keep giving back to you over and over again. As part of this deck of cards, 200 questions are designed to prompt an exciting and meaningful conversation between grandparents and their grandchildren.

An assortment of sweets in a box

If you wish to send your grandparents a detectable box of sweets on the occasion of Grandparents Day so that they can feel your love and savor the taste of the sweets while they celebrate Grandparents Day, you can do so.

The garden tools you need to take care of your garden

There is no doubt that grandparents would want to keep themselves active during retirement if they are enjoying a life of leisure and enjoying their retirement. So send them the tools they need to start gardening or to continue gardening if you want to help them get started.


You can send your grandparents an apparel gift as another great choice. For example, you can send your grandmother a salwar kameez or saree, and your grandfather can send him a shirt and pants or a kurta pajama. You can be assured that they will appreciate your gift, and wearing this apparel will bring them great joy.

An Indigo Wrap Bracelet made from Kantha Indigo in India.

Indian grandparents will cherish Kantha bracelets made from traditional hand block prints created by diverse Indian artisans, as they will make fantastic gifts they can keep for a lifetime. Three spiraling layers combine basic blues, blacks, and whites with vibrant designs. This item’s recycled and handmade nature means that everyone is unique and will vary since each is made to order.

Necklace made with Indian wood beads that have a calming effect.

This Indian wooden bead necklace is a great way to help your grandparents feel calmer when they wear it. There is a common belief that it symbolizes creativity and liberty, which is often associated with people practicing New Age spirituality. With an elegant piece inspired by the lush flora found throughout the mountainsides of Haiti, your grandparents can carry a positive spirit wherever they go with this sleek piece.

Enjoy a fun and uncomplicated cooking experience with a Hello Fresh gift card.

With a Hello Fresh gift card, you can give your grandparent a fun and enjoyable cooking experience. It is possible to choose from a range of four gift card amounts, depending on how much they would like to spend on their desired recipe or meal plan. In addition, as all the ingredients will be delivered to their door, they won’t have to worry about driving to the grocery store.

Personalized Gifts to India

The best way to show your grandparents how much you love them on this special day is to send them a personalized gift. You can create pictures and messages to show genuine love for them and make the occasion a beautiful memory.

During the time that the children are under the care of their Indian grandparents, the grandparents often perform the following roles:

  • It is common for Indian grandparents to share their experiences, knowledge, tradition, cultural customs, and rich history with their grandchildren. They are looked up to and respected for doing so.
  • As a result of the grandchildren growing up in large families, they are taught to share, to treat everybody with respect, and to take care of others, especially their family members, by their parents.

As a token of their gratitude and affection for everything they have learned from grandparents, grandchildren often want to give them something special in return.

Indian grandparents love household products that make their lives a little more comfortable like any other grandparents despite having solid beliefs and customs.

The lifestyle of the more recent Indian generations has significantly changed in the modern world. Many people decide to move in search of better employment or educational prospects. The grandparents are left alone at home since they are compelled to live apart from their families in distant nations.

Some of today’s young lose their strong traditions and customs due to these changes, forcing them to make other life adjustments. A few of them wed outside of Indian society, defying the convention of an arranged marriage, which alters their

Indian Sari Throw Pillow Cushion Covers by Krishna Mart India 2 Orange Embroidery Sequin Patchwork

These stunning and eye-catching two-piece Orange embroidery sequin patchwork Indian sari throw pillow cushion covers will enliven your grandparents’ living space if you’re looking for traditional Indian gift suggestions. They are unique and will give their house a new look because they are elegant, lovely, and vibrant.

The wall can be decorated with tapestries that feature Mandalas.

With these Mandala Tapestries hanging in the living room of your Indian grandparents’ house, you can be sure that it will be a wonderful place to live. A mandala symbolizes a spiritual journey that begins outside and progresses inside. Polyester is smooth, ultra-soft, skin-friendly, sturdy, and quick-drying. You can complement your Indian grandparents’ home with this lovely and affordable tapestry that would make a beautiful addition to their room.

Shopping bags made from repurposed Sari produce

Repurposed sari shopping bags are a great way to bring traditional and modern styles to your shopping experience. This set of three drawstring bags is made from repurposed Indian sari fabric in various rich colors and patterns. The perfect gift for your grandparents, these one-of-a-kind shopping bags will surely make them happy for years to come.

Quick Tips

  • In order to show their gratitude to their Indian grandparents, they should give them gifts as grandchildren.
  • There is a need to consider the customs and beliefs of Indian grandparents when giving them gifts.
  • This article aims to help you find the perfect gift for your beloved Indian grandparents so they will never forget you.
  • Check out this article for more gift ideas for Indian grandparents and get more inspiration.
  • It features stunning, hand-painted flowers in a style that takes inspiration from Indian florals and contrasts them against the deep black background.
  • An antique storage box with a floral pattern at the top will make a lovely gift for your Indian grandparents.
  • The Kuba Diya is believed to symbolize prosperity, fertility, good fortune, and a person’s ability to take risks.
  • Your grandparents’ house would also look beautiful with the brass urli bowl.
  • There is an Indian-style embroidered faux pearl strings design on it, which makes it suitable as a gift for Indian grandparents in their lives, as it is one of the prettiest gifts.
  • This is a traditional Diwali oil lamp used during the lights festival.
  • It represents strength, wisdom, and house protection in the form of gold Indian elephant family statues.
  • Symbolic of spirituality, fruitfulness, wealth, knowledge, and illumination, the lotus flower represents a multitude of qualities.
  • The Bengali Custom Name Necklace is made of silver with a Bohemian style, which makes this necklace more stunning as it is crafted from silver.
  • Several steps are involved in making an Indian Embroidery Handmade Footstool, and each effort is made entirely by hand from chambray cloth. This plain woven cotton fabric has dyed warp and white filler yarn.
  • In addition, it has bohemian embroidery on the top, making it the ideal place for your Indian grandparents to stay.
  • I know that choosing the right gift for your Indian grandfather’s birthday can be a challenge, especially if you do not know what to get him for his birthday.
  • Dadi shouldn’t get anything he doesn’t like or need, so no one should give him something he won’t enjoy.
  • It is appropriate to provide Indian grandmothers gifts based on their culture as they are proud of them.


  • There is nothing more deserving of respect and honor than the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family.
  • In order to buy great presents for grandparents, you should choose gifts that come from the heart, that will always be remembered, and that will be adored no matter the occasion.
  • A gift from the heart is the best gift to give to grandparents.

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