What is the best gift you have given anybody?

On dice media’s little things, Kavya draws cartoons to lift Dhruv’s spirits.. yup that’s what I did😂.
After failing his sessional exams in Anatomy and Biochemistry, my ex was down because he studied for it but still failed… His sadness over such a small thing was hard to see.
Therefore, I drew him five pages of cartoons… sort of like a comic on my whiteboard, explaining his present and future and how it wouldn’t matter.
To be honest, I think that was a pretty good gift.
Attached are pictures from the show to give you a rough idea of how it went…

Best gift you have given anybody
Best gift you have given anybody 🎁🎀💖

The greatest gifts you have received

Here are incredible gifts you can give those around you that will cost you little but can significantly impact their lives- best gift you have given anybody.

You can give the ten greatest gifts to those around you by following these ten steps.

Your attention is the best gift you can give

Among the five most incredible gifts you can give to those around you, the gift of your attention is the first and foremost. Unfortunately, in an age where distraction is the default attraction, it’s easy for us to lose sight of the gift that we give to others when we give them our full attention.

Giving our full attention means listening.

It means putting our smartphones down.

Looking another person in the eye is what it means.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, ask questions and wait for the answers.

This requires us to be present in the present. Therefore, focusing on the present without looking ahead means focusing on the present.

In other words, it means connecting with people authentically.

The best gift you can give others around you is your full attention and the opportunity to take center stage as you allow them to do so.

It is a gift to be able to buy gifts for the people you love

According to Deborah Cook, families without the means should be able to give gifts.

Cook explained that they receive an envelope filled with gift cards from stores they can use, including grocery stores. We like the idea of families being able to enjoy the holiday season like those who are fortunate.”

An expression of gratitude in a bottle of wine

Two years ago, I was hospitalized twice for suicidal thoughts within eight months. My best friend once said I couldn’t kill myself until I bought him one last drink, but he wouldn’t accept it. So this was one of my safe places. (I owe him at least three).

 It wasn’t until I found the right combination of meds that I began to thrive in life, so for his birthday, I gave him a wine box engraved with ‘The Last Drink’ and filled it with index cards describing everything he has done for me. 

Give the Gift of Kindness

Among the five most incredible gifts you can give to those around you, the gift of kindness is the second most incredible gift you can give them…

If we can place our thoughtfulness and kindness in the right places, we can positively impact those around us.

Even though it isn’t always necessary to make large gestures, small acts of kindness can make a lot of difference over time.

Don’t forget to help your neighbor with their shopping.

You can walk the dog of a friend.

Someone needs a house sitter.

I have received many gifts on different occasions over the years. These have ranged from simple stationery and decoration trinkets to books and gadgets. However, it is a common phenomenon, and receiving such thoughtful gifts is always humbling. When I was in college, I discovered an exciting smartphone with several modern and rare my birthday that year, my uncle visited me in college and spent some time with me. While leaving, he gave me a gift box, and I instantly opened it. I was surprised to see the same phone lying in the box. I was delighted upon receiving this phone as a gift as my current phone was broken and I desperately needed a new one. It was the most thoughtful gift as my uncle had put a lot of thought and effort into it. Naturally, I was pleased, and I hugged my uncle while thanking him profusely.

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