33-Holiday gifts for kids who love animals 2024( Simplify Your Daily Routine for a Hassle-Free Life )

Children can feel utter joy around animals, as you have probably seen in the way they look at dogs or deer at the park. Animals can become a big part of kids’ childhoods, whether they become zoologists, veterinarians, or simply very enthusiastic pet owners. Let’s get more ideas about holiday gifts for kids who love animals .In addition to being cute, animal-themed gifts can educate children on conservation issues, stimulate their curiosity, and stimulate their empathy. Pound puppies help kids adopt pets, and farmyard stacking toys teach children to count and identify animals. 

Bracelet with the Humane Society logo

The Humane Society’s fight against animal cruelty will benefit from a portion of the proceeds. This is another excellent gift idea that supports animals while at the same time educating children about caring for animals.

holiday gifts for kids who love animals
Holiday gifts for kids who love animals

ANIMALS stuffed with stuffing

My daughter’s collection of stuffed animals is often overwhelming for me, but they are her favorite things. Just about any animal is available as an adorable, cuddly toy. Make sure you have some storage bins as well; we have tall baskets like this one.

Paints for faces

With this excellent Face Paintoos Kit from Play Monster, kids can be whatever animals they love.

Paints are the newest face paint sensation—fun and easy temporary tattoos that make face painting magic accessible to everyone!

With no need for a professional face painter, you can achieve perfect, long-lasting results each time.

Using the included wipes, you can easily remove the designs, and these make a fun addition to any party or role-play event!

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Book of National Geographic Coloring Pages

Book of National Geographic Coloring Pages

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This intricate and detailed coloring book is perfect for tweens who enjoy coloring their favorite animals. Someone can even frame the works of art once completed so they can hang them in their rooms!


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A carrier, a cute puppy or cat, and easy-to-use equipment make this vet set a favorite of animal lovers. This was a birthday present we gave our twins this year, and they have played with it most over the last six months. We learned about how animals could be used as props by using them with our twins.

Items that are stuffed with stuffing

Children love stuffed animals, and someone has especially drawn those who love animals to them. You can find stuffed animals like giraffes and pandas among the stuffed animals. A cute, cuddly version of just about any animal is possible. This makes it easy for you to choose stuffed animals that your children like.

GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Plush, Animal Plush is one of many options for stuffed animals, but I picked it because I love teddy bears! My reasoning for choosing it is as follows:

  • GUND is a brand
  • The dimensions are 13 x 7 x 18 inches
  • Huggable, soft material

The age recommendation of the manufacturer is 12 months–3 years

You can gift this unisex stuffed animal both to boys and girls since it is unisex. With its unique design that includes adorable paw pad accents, this classic bear is an 18′′ plush toy that every kid will love. The award-winning stuffed teddy bear is extremely popular because of its soft, huggable plush design and award-winning quality. 

An instructional video set for clay

Kids can learn six different animals by molding clay using this interactive kit. Keeping kids engaged with instructional videos makes Hey Clay an easy-to-use app that parents can download using the inbox promo code. Kids can preserve their masterpieces by air-drying the clay cans in 24 hours.

I recommended children aged five and older use.

A book of pictures of animals

Pack for your dog

Whether you’re heading to school or hanging out with friends, this backpack is an animal lover’s dream! Inside are plenty of compartments for storing drink bottles, school books, clothes, and shoes.

A book of pictures of animals

She usually curls up with a book about animals when she is not playing with pretend animals or pretending to be an animal (we were deer fawns this morning). The theme of animals appears in most of my picture books. I can point you in the direction of a book related to any animal your child likes – if you can’t find one, let me know and I’ll try to help. We’ve compiled our favorite animal picture books in the list below, but you might also want to check out the series National Geographic for Kids.

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Costume Set by Melissa & Doug

Veterinary Role-Play Costume Set by Melissa & Doug

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Animal lovers will enjoy dressing up as veterinarians and taking care of their plush friends!

There’s a matching blue face mask and surgical cap and a blue animal doctor’s jacket with self-stick tabs that can be machine-washed. See-through pockets provide convenient storage for ophthalmologist’s tools of the trade, such as a thermometer, cloth bandages, syringes, and stethoscopes (no batteries included). They had a cute plush puppy dog in this set as the veterinarian’s first patient!

This superior-value role playset comes with a whole world of make-believe fun.

They designed this Melissa and Doug costume to withstand years of imaginative play for kids ages 3-6. It is made from a blend of highly durable materials and wipe-clean surfaces, with adjustable designs to fit changing sizes.

If they dressed your little animal doctor in blue, then they will take care of all the toys in the house!

Miniature Play Animals

Those who love animals will enjoy this gift because we can use the small animals with blocks, magnets, and loose parts, which will expand their knowledge about animals. Besides building zoos, kids can create elaborate play scenarios using these miniature animals. You can also use these animals for learning games such as matching letters to objects.

Animals arranged alphabetically

Kids can learn the alphabet from this A-to-Z animal puzzle while learning about wildlife. With child-safe paint, this eco-friendly puzzle is made from rubberwood. 

Plush puppy available for adoption

More than just snuggles, this puppy offers a lot more. Pound Puppy rescuers who collect all seven puppies can name their new friend after their new friend arrives. Kids can fill out an adoption certificate to call their new friends. Our favorite 7-year-old gifts are cute, simple, and have a message of empathy behind them – making this an excellent gift for kids of all ages. 

Three and older recommended.

We can customize the Lion drink bottle.

The perfect gift for tweens is a personalized gift! This drink bottle is ideal for animal lovers for fun after school, a weekend getaway with family, or sports days. Watch your tween fall in love with the front!

Set of Squirrels with Grandparents, Li’l Woodzeez

As a kid, you’ll enjoy all the possibilities this Li’l Woodzeez Squirrel Family set has to offer.

One is grandma, one is grandpa, one is mom, one is dad, one is a child, and two are adorable babies. I love the fact that this family unit incorporates grandparents!

Kids who enjoy furry creatures and imaginative play will adore the cute accents on this playset, including glasses, dresses, shirts, and ties, along with diapers.

How to Draw Animals: A Guide

An animal drawing book guide is the perfect gift idea for your animal-loving kid if they love art activities such as drawing or painting. Creating stories about their favorite animals will be a fantastic way to explore their parts and details.

One of the many animal drawing book guides is Draw 50 Animals: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw, but I have selected Draw 50 Animals: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw. The following reasons explain why:

  •  Author Lee J. Ames
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.2 x 10.8 inches
  • Paperback, 64 pages
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age 10–13 years

Another benefit is that your kids can quickly draw 50 animals by following step-by-step instructions. The book is an excellent resource that will help your kids develop their drawing skills and expand their knowledge of animal subjects. Children will learn to draw lions, giraffes, dinosaurs, penguins, bunnies, sharks, and more. Your kids who love animals will love this book, as it covers everything from the beginning to advanced techniques. 

They featured an image of a popular breed on this pillow.

Dog lovers will enjoy these fuzzy pillows in their bedrooms. Choose from a hook-sewn image of a golden retriever, Boston terrier, or pug. 

A reversible Magnatile in the shape of a duck

A set of 18 reversible Magna-Tiles lets kids build seemingly endless constructions while practicing their motor skills. You can make a three-dimensional rubber duck with one side of the tiles, while the other side features sea animals and Eric Carle’s “10 Little Rubber Ducks.”. 

Children 3 years and older are recommended.

Watching the wolves

Beautiful wooden watch with an area on the back for personalization. Tweens would enjoy receiving this unique watch for their birthdays or Christmas.


The love my kids have for their binoculars is challenging to describe. As well as hiking, we take them to places like the zoo. They would be beautiful gifts on their own, but you could also add a guidebook or a set of printed scavenger hunts to make them extra fun.

Wow, what a hitch!

My kids have enjoyed hatching their hatchimals, even though they are not natural species of animals! Would you please allow me to introduce the newest hatchimals (and most contemporary of all)—the Hatchimals Wow?

Hatching as this has never happened before! Llalacorn (part llama, part unicorn) Hatchimals WOW is more than just adorable; she can’t wait to meet you! Hatch a pink or purple Llalacorn whose movements speak about her emotions inside the world’s largest and first re-hatchable Hatchimals egg. Using her magic powers, she can grow as tall as 32 inches and shrink as small as 2 inches! Learn how to play with your Hatchimals WOW as you discover her unique personality through her 250 sounds and interactions.

Make her feel loved by cuddling with her, feeding her, playing with her, or tickling her! Llalacorn will hatch in one of 10 moods when you place her back in the egg once again. Experience the excitement of Hatchimals WOW at home!

Board games based on animals
Board games based on animals

Board games based on animals

Kids who love animals will find plenty of animal-themed board games available. Playing board games such as these will teach kids about different animals. The whole family can enjoy A board game like this is suitable for both kids and adults.

Especially popular among adults and teens, the Exploding Kittens Card Game holds a lot of appeal for kids as well. The following reasons can explain its popularity:

  • Exploding Kittens LLC is the brand
  • This item measures 6.1 by 3.9 by 1.5 inches
  • There are three lithium-ion batteries required
  • Seven years old and up is the manufacturer’s recommended age

In addition, this is a “Game of the Year” award-winning game where ten players can play simultaneously. There are 56 cards in this game, as well as a box and an instruction manual, and you’ll learn the game within 5 minutes. There have been more than 9 million copies sold, and it breaks the kid’s game record.      

Plush giraffe that stands up

A 5-foot-tall giraffe is a perfect companion for children who want to explore the jungle. Safari-themed play is made possible by the realistic jumbo plush.

Age recommendation: 3 years and up

Twisted Petz Cuddles
Twisted Petz Cuddles

Game-based on the planet Animal

Please get to know an enormous range of wild animals by exploring their native habitats worldwide. The back of each card contains fascinating facts about each animal you collect. It’s the perfect way to brush up on some cool animal facts! See these fantastic quiz-themed gifts if trivia is also their thing.

Twisted Petz Cuddles

Twisty Petz is a favorite among girls! Twisty Petz bracelets were my daughter’s first gift about a year ago, and she was instantly addicted. Now you can find Twisty Petz as Cuddlez, a new plush Twisty Petz!

Twisty Petz is in plush form with these soft and cuddly animals. Besides being soft and colorful, the Cuddlez plush also transforms into a boa you can wear!

Bring your animal to life by pulling its tail and head! The boa can be turned back into a huggable pet with just two simple twists. This series includes four styles: puppies, unicorns, cats, and sloths! Twisty Petz Cuddlez will bring your pets home with a secret twist!

Kits for animal scenes

Kids who are into animals will appreciate this thoughtful gift as it enhances their imaginations and improves their creativity skills. Kids can create scenes and tell stories with these kits during their free time or while spending time with other family members.

My recommendation is the Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Books Set if you look for unique animal scene kits. I selected this scene kit for a few reasons:

  • Melissa & Doug is a brand of toys.
  • The dimensions of this item are 8.75 x 0.6 x 11 inches
  • Glossy backgrounds with double-sided puffy stickers
  • Recommended Age: 4–8 years, according to the manufacturer

This kit includes three animal-themed stickers: Chipmunk (75 stickers), Safari (42 stickers), and Farm (52 stickers). Because they package the stickers in a carrying bag, children can easily transport them. Among its benefits are fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, narrative thinking, etc. This is an excellent animal scene kit to tell the story of animal adventures.     

Unexpected Friends is a picture book about incredible friends.

The story of a boy who convinces his family to adopt an abandoned shelter dog will warm any kid’s heart. Following Mr. Scruff and Jim as they form the most special bond can amuse kids. Check out these classic and new kids’ books about dogs.

Mug with animal protection design
Mug with animal protection design

Mug with animal protection design

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In addition to being adorable, these mugs contribute to animal welfare! Every profile has a $5 donation towards Global Wildlife Conservation, so your tween can enjoy their hot cocoa knowing that they have contributed to a great cause!

Playset: Acrocanthosaur Jungle Expedition

Despite being extinct, dinosaurs remain a favorite of both boys and girls! Children who like animals will appreciate a dinosaur playset.

Dinosaur toys for kids never get old! This playset has everything your little ones will need for a great adventure! The Deluxe Toy contains a giant electronic Acrocanthosaurus toy dinosaur with glow-in-the-dark lights and growling sounds and a 3-level tower with a bridge, moat, scary spider web, and cage with teeth that open and close for the giant dinosaur enemies!

Additionally, this toy playset comes with two baby dinosaurs, a dinosaur egg, and more! A cage catches a prehistoric payload, and the adventurer action figure takes off in a helicopter before time runs out!

With colorful illustrations, it’s a matching game.

Children under seven will enjoy this colorful matching game, but older children will find it challenging too. There is endless replay value for kids in searching through the pictures to find their matches, and with some good shuffling, it’s possible to repeat the images indefinitely. 

Three and older are recommended.

Trinket dish made from bear claws

Keeping their desks and nightstands organized is so much easier with this sweet trinket dish! You can even use them to hold soap!

Embark on an adventure with T.Rex and the Lava Mountain T.Rex Playset

The Lava Mountain T.Rex Adventure Playset will give you plenty of dinosaur fun!

The Deluxe set includes a giant electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur with glowing lights and growling sounds, a volcano that flows natural lava, boulders for crushing hunters, ladders, rope, two small baby dinosaurs, and more!

There’s also a toy Jeep that’s perfect for making a getaway with the prehistoric predator and an action figure with a net so you can get the big payload! The excellent dinosaur set includes 14 pieces, all of which are educational and fun!

T-shirt with a funny message
T-shirt with a funny message

T-shirt with a funny message

The hilarious tee will be a hit with any tween who loves animals and laughs. The material is eco-friendly and non-toxic, so it’s great for kids! View environmentally friendly gift ideas at a reasonable price by clicking here.

Kangaroo Cap

This cap comes in many colors, making it a great unisex gift for tweens who love animals. Featuring an Aussie icon, the Kangaroo brings a bit of culture to your tweens outfit.

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