36 Inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers 2024 (Inexpensive and Thoughtful)

There are many things to consider when choosing an inexpensive gift for coworkers because you might not want to go overboard, get too personal, or give the gift to someone offensive. Conversely, you should not give your co-workers baked goods, gift cards, or smelly candles.

The people you work with share the difficulties and challenges of your professional life, so they deserve better than cards and other cheap gifts. Look through our list of 36 inexpensive gift ideas for your coworker if you are looking for gift ideas for your male or female coworkers.

36 inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers
Inexpensive gift ideas

The Best Gifts for Coworkers

The decision of what exactly to give your coworkers can be challenging if you’re looking to give them gifts. It might help you narrow your search if you think about when you will be giving them the present. Have you seen Santa yet? What is the occasion? If you use these suggestions, you can reduce the number of possible gifts significantly so that you can find the perfect one.

Giving your coworkers something isn’t restricted to holidays. Perhaps you are feeling creative and would like to make some homemade gifts. Your gift might just be something that shows you care about them. As well as helping limit your search, this can be used.

As well as your own interests, consider those of your colleagues. This can help you create or buy the right gift for their preferences.

How can you pick the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? We recommend the following:

Unique Coworker Gifts

Microfiber Cloth and EcoMoist Screen Cleaner


Is your workplace equipped with a computer or cell phone? With this organic screen cleaner, you can clean your screens without harming your electronics. It gently cleans your screens without corroding them. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Ladybug Mini Desktop Vacuum


This little ladybug is more than just a desktop decoration; it’s also a vacuum cleaner, dust buster, and crumb cleaner—all in one. This is a good choice for the coworker who always spills something when eating lunch at their desk.

Mini-Cactus Humidifier


With this cute humidifier, your office will look more cheerful. It comes with a USB port so you can use it anywhere, and it avoids dry air and prevents germs, chapped hands, and skin from sticking to your lips and skin.

Cornhole at your desk

This set, modeled after the classic backyard game, will be a fun game for many to play during break time in the office.

Coworkers can enjoy a mug that changes colors


This magic mug is simply black when cold but changes color when filled with hot liquid, revealing your design. With just the addition of coffee or tea, your images will become vibrant and alive. 

Guests’ Book in the Cubicle


Your under- and overworked coworkers will be delighted with this wonderful gift. We hope you will inform anyone who rarely leaves his or her cubicle or who is rarely free to converse about your humble visit through this guest book. You could provide a fun keepsake that would become a keepsake for them after they return to this fun book.

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Notebook for exceptional gift-cutting


Thoughts and doodles: putting a point on paper remains a satisfying experience, even in today’s digital age of high tech and multi-screen. With this handmade journal, you’ll be able to elevate gifting while inspiring self-expression in verse and poetry. Handmade from certified sustainable wood in the United States, these journals are laser cut and hand-bound in Los Angeles. Perfect for jotting down ideas, doodles, and other everyday thoughts, they make exceptional gifts.



Having a job you love is a privilege for some people. Those who are passionate about something should pursue it. For the rest of us, the day has to go on, and we have to earn another dollar. Even though it could be worse, feeling drowned in a sea of meaningless tasks and unnecessary procedures is more than we can handle. The following white elephant gift idea will let any mourning coworker know they are not alone, even if they aren’t in the same category as you.

A desk accessory with a sunset landscape

If you’re the type of person who monitors the weekend, this desk accessory will help you meet that goal. Each time you turn it, the picture frame’s sand creates a unique and relaxing image.

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The MECO Desk Dust Cleaner is a desktop vacuum cleaner


The mini vacuum cleaner works not just as a desk ornament but as a dust and crumbs cleaner, too. Besides the fact that it does double duty as both a cleaning tool and an ornament, it will make an excellent gift for your coworker. Because it’s cordless, it’s easy to clean anywhere. This vacuum can remove debris such as crumbs, paper scraps, pet hair, apple seeds, and grit from window sills, car seats, and computer keyboards.

Holder for business cards that looks fun


Business card holders made from leather are a great way to say thank you to friends, relatives, or to show your company’s flair. Besides being lightweight, it can hold approximately 25 name cards or credit cards. In addition to fitting comfortably in your pocket, you can also carry it in a pocket or purse. Giving someone who is constantly networking is the perfect gift.

Bento Lunch Containers


Keeping our planet healthy, saving our oceans, and refusing plastic are all important. This is the first leak-proof top lid for stainless steel lunch boxes with three compartments. The lunch box is sold with an organic reusable lunch bag that is made from 100% natural cotton, suitable for carrying it to school or to work.

New Entertainment Desktop Golf


A little bit of this green golf course can help your golf-crazy colleague to release some tensions and work pressures. The perfect gift for those quick power brakes we all need from time to time. Having this golf set on your office table will soon make your coworkers feel at home and help increase communication.

Rubbermaid Lunchblox Lunch Bag

In addition to the zip closure, this stylish Rubbermaid design has a comfortable grip handle and removable shoulder strap. In addition, it includes compartments that let your recipients choose lunch box containers that suit their tastes.

A pencil cup made from Kinsey wire

This iron pencil cup is designed for practicality and is antiqued to give it a vague art deco appearance. It was made of iron with an iron finish. Those who think of their office as a zoo might find the cage-like design of the office appealing.

Infusion Water Bottle from Savvy

Infusion Water Bottle from Savvy

The infusion water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated for your favorite colleague. Adding frozen or fresh fruit to flat or sparkling water will yield an all-fruit break that is refreshing and fruit-infused.

Tea Forté Loose Tea Starter Set


The loose tea starter set makes a thoughtful gift for your colleague, who always has a cup of tea nearby. In addition to the double-wall ceramic tumbler, a stainless steel infuser, and 10 pre-portioned loose leaf tea pouches, this delightful gift set is adorned with a matching lid and lid cover.

Supporters of smartphones for cats

With six suction-cup kittens to prop up your phone, Kindle, or iPad, cat lovers in the office are sure to fall in love with this item. You will have extras to use at home because a set includes six.

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Luminaries made from water balloons


Make water balloon luminaries or lamps for your coworkers for a truly beautiful holiday gift. Once you make them, you’ll want to have some extras to give to your friends and your other family members. The next time your coworker asks for a gift, give them this cool, inexpensive idea.

Desk Organizer


You can stay organized and on top of your task with this beautiful bill-organized desktop with a double-tier mail sorter, accessory compartment, accessory drawer, and calendar blocks. With a finished wood exterior and painted black calendar blocks, this greeting card organizer will match any décor and make a great desk ornament. There are a variety of uses for this holder, including pencil holders, stapler holders, paper holders, and even iPhone holders.

Note dispenser featuring a cat figure

What if you could give your coworker something inexpensive and adorable at the same time? Post-it holders are great for personalizing workspaces and blending in with formal work environments. The cat post-it holder is perfect. You should give one of these unique ones to a friend at your workplace since post-it notes are so important.

An umbrella that reverses when closed called a totes InBrella


Featuring a double-layer canopy, this umbrella offers durability and versatility. Unlike other umbrellas, this one closes with the wet side facing away from the user, keeping them and the surface dry. This will make a wonderful gift for your co-worker, as he or she can use it during the rainy season and on hot, sunny days during the summer. An invisible coating on this umbrella makes it windproof and rainproof so that it can be used indoors or out. It has an automatic closing function that makes it easier to get into and out of the car.

Mugs for traveling


A ceramic travel mug like the Ello Jane is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite warm beverage while on the go. With Jane’s 18-ounce capacity and comfortable carry handle, you’ll want to keep it by your side all day long. With a modern design and stylish accents, this travel mug is perfect for preparing for your day, keeping in your car cup holder on the way to work, or using it at your desk when you need a boost.

Making coffee at home


This device is small, lightweight, and perfect for working on small counters or in small cubicles at the office, and it can easily be moved from one place to another. In addition, the mug features a comfortable grip band and can fit into most cup holders in vehicles. The mug can be used as a takeaway coffee cup if you prefer to keep the device permanently in your kitchen. If they prefer their coffee pressed, then this Bodum Portable French Press is what they’re looking for.

A friendship compass necklace

If you think your co-worker may be getting promoted soon, consider getting him or her this pendant necklace in the compass design.  

Endeavors that shine with candlelight


Candles are a great gift to give coworkers on any occasion, whether it is a holiday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just any other day. There are several scents available here, including lemon tea, black currant, pumpkin spice, and more, so pick one or a few and lighten up your coworker’s day.

Starter Set of loose tea from Tea Forte

This tea starter set from Tea Forte Loose will be the perfect gift for your tea lover coworker. Besides a double-wall ceramic tumbler and matching lid, this tea starter set includes a stainless steel infuser as well as 10 tea pouches. In addition to Harvest Apple Spice (herbal tea), Rum Raisin Biscotti (black tea), Spiced Ginger Plum (herbal tea), Sweet Orange Spice (black tea), and Winter Chai (herbal tea), some other tea blends are available.

Portable Standing Desk and Clip for desk cup holders

Portable Standing Desk


What about the person at work who tries to convince you to get a standing desk? That’s what this is all about. Offices and households alike will appreciate the use of this multifunctional table. As a multifunctional workstation, you can use it as a standing desk for office work, a snack tray for watching TV, a laptop stand for relaxing in bed, or a food table for eating breakfast in bed.

Clip for desk cup holders


gift like this makes anyone’s day. A little gadget like this can guard all their documents and computers. Cold drinks will not drip on your desk or condense all over it. Drinks and other items can be firmly secured on the edges of desks and shelves by attaching them to them.

With pockets, this fleece shawl will keep you warm

With six colors available, this soft, warm fleece wrap is just what that coworker is looking for, no matter what time of year.

Holmes Heritage 4 inch Mini USB Desk Fan

These adjustable desktop fans can be particularly helpful for co-workers who seem to be hot underneath the collar – due to the temperature, of course. Although it has retro styling, it is powered by a USB cable.

Gloves for women made of knit

If your female employee is always complaining about how cold it is at the office, this will be the perfect gift for her. This fingerless glove lets her use a keyboard or do other office work while wearing it. These gloves are soft and stylish, and they will keep your hands warm when the weather turns cold. Knit Fingerless Gloves for Women Are Available in Two Sizes. The long style measures 11.8 inches and the short style is 8 inches long.

Cools and humidifies by evaporating air with a personal EVApolar


A 3-in-1 personal air cooler, the Evapolar evaLIGHT uses evaporative technology to humidify, purify, and cool air. Your colleague will feel comfortable in a hot dry climate if this gift is given to him/her. A user can customize the climate of this cooler. Portable as well as easy to build, this cooler offers the best of both worlds. The compact size of this cooler allows it to sit comfortably on any desk. Cooler with integrated LED light for nighttime use which allows you to fall asleep comfortably.

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