What is a polite way of asking for birthday gifts? Polite Birthday Gift Requests 2024

Often, we encounter the question of whether asking for a gift is polite. Don’t think that you are the only one experiencing this problem. The general public has a wide range of concerns about this topic. Nevertheless, there are also problems on the other side of the coin. Some people find it difficult to ask their guests what they want for their Birthday because they do not know how to ask. The whole birthday-gift-giving thing is taken on a whole new level when that is factored into the equation. What is a polite way of asking for birthday gifts?

Polite way of asking for birthday gifts
Polite way of asking for birthday gifts

What do you want for your Birthday?

A simple solution should be found if there is a concern on both sides regarding birthday gifts. You guessed it, there is! When you ask people to bring you a particular facility, you might be able to save them time and effort by enabling them to decide what to get you. It is a fact that most people are uncomfortable buying gifts, regardless of the situation and the type of relationship in which they are involved. As a result, there can be a lot of confusion and insecurity when choosing the perfect gift for that particular person.

Consequently, as long as you ask in the right way, there’s nothing wrong with asking for gifts from other people. The following guide has been compiled to help you determine the best way to ask for birthday gifts politely. Do not miss the opportunity to check it out because you might be able to save yourself a lot of trouble if you do -Polite way of asking for birthday gifts.

Best gifts for children
Best gifts for children

The best gifts for children.

You might be surprised to hear that asking for birthday gifts at a children’s party is easier than you might think. It is even familiar for people to ask you directly what to buy. However, when it comes to choosing gifts for children, especially toddlers, it can be a challenge. Tell them what your baby needs, and they’ll be relieved!

As you think about your child’s needs, look at what they need. For example, if your guests are only close friends and family, you can ask them for various gifts or only one expensive item. Alternatively, you can suggest and leave it up to your guest to choose a particular item for your child. You can, for example, tell your guests that you would like more educational toys for your toddler if you feel they would benefit from them, and then let them pick out the toys they prefer.

A polite gift request should accompany a formal invitation, but how do you do this?

Your options are as follows:

  1. The most important thing is always to express how glad you are that a person will be able to attend the event. It is essential that the person receiving the invitation feels comfortable with it and does not get the impression that you are only interested in giving them the gift.
  2. You don’t have to bring anything with them. Write a line or two about this. …
  3. Say something like:

Do you think it is rude to ask for gifts?

If you want someone to bring you a gift, there is no polite way to ask or instruct them to do so! So let us take a step back from social engagements and invitations and reflect on their purpose. If you don’t have enough money to buy things for yourself, I suggest you try a charity shop where you can get discounted items.

What do you do instead of giving gifts to say thank you?

We would appreciate it if you included some suggestions for no gifts: Please let your charitable donation to [organization] be your only gift. It is your presence that makes the present what it is. We would greatly appreciate it if you would like to contribute.


The importance of this factor cannot be overstated. The gifts you ask for should depend on the occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas, a wedding, or anything else. It’s also important to consider the size of the party, whether it’s a big or a small gathering, and the number of people attending. You will know what kind of invitation to send and whether to ask for gifts based on the answers to these questions. For example, personalized invitations are great for small gatherings, but impersonal and short cards are acceptable for big parties.


Whether or not you should request gifts depends on the type of guests you’re inviting. For example, if you throw a party for your coworkers, bosses, and people you know a little bit, are you inviting close friends and family members? You can ask for gifts on the invitation card if you’re inviting family and friends because things are more straightforward. Additionally, you will be understood if you are honest about what you want. Furthermore, you don’t have to write anything about the gifts on the invitations since you can tell them personally why. By doing this, you will be able to save a great deal of time and energy. 

You’ll have to think carefully about how to politely ask for gifts on invitations if you are inviting many people you don’t know very well. To determine what to do with the cards, you should review your guest list and consider who is coming. Then, send funny and creative cards to friends and family members to make them smile. However, you must follow a professional invitation format if you’re inviting coworkers.

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Gifts for a romantic relationship

Gifts for a romantic relationship

We have noticed that many girls are concerned about how they will ask their boyfriend for a gift. Asking someone you are not romantically involved with isn’t very different from asking someone you are romantically involved with. That part will be discussed later.

Regardless of your relationship with the quest, consider whether you want romantic things. These things can easily be misunderstood, so getting them right is essential. It would be a good idea to at least give them a hint about the gift you want.

Stuff that has long been desired

You don’t have to be ashamed to ask for what you can’t afford. However, it would be great if your guests could give you something you don’t already have or something you’ll use in the future. Consider the things you’ve wanted for a long time but didn’t get.

Invitation Cards

Check the price

You can easily ask for gifts on an invitation if you are inviting guests to a party. In general, invitation cards contain important information about the occasion, such as the date, the time, and the location. In addition, you can provide specific instructions on the invitation card, such as a request to bring a particular gift. Your request can be added to the bottom of the invitation. Adding your message to a separate column in the invitation is a good option if there are other things you want to say. You can use this as a great way to let someone know you appreciate a specific gift on your Birthday. It is also a risk-free method, so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you follow it!

Side Note

Check the price

You can include a side note if you are uncomfortable asking for a gift or writing a gift request on the invitation card. As soon as you have sent out the invitation, you can add the side note and use the exact wording that you were considering while asking for gifts in the invitation. If you want to avoid being rude, you can write something funny. For example, a side note might look like this:

The only thing that I would like is your presence, but if you want to send a gift card, that would be great.”

Ensure your guests are aware of your plans in advance

You should notify your guests if you plan to ask for particular gifts. However, guests should not be asked for gifts just a day before the occasion or ceremony. 

As a general rule, guests purchase their presents well in advance, so you cannot do anything if the guest has already purchased the present. Furthermore, if the guest has already purchased the gift, you may hurt their feelings.

Activities for groups that involve experiential learning

It’s great to suggest a group experience rather than a gift! This can be anything from a weekend getaway to an all-day trip to the local amusement park. You’ll spend more time with your loved ones, have fun, and suggest a gift more quickly.

Money-valued gifts

Check the price

Consider giving monetary gifts for your Birthday. If you haven’t thought about it yet, you should: it’s an excellent way to spend your money wisely. But, do you know how to ask for money? You can find more information here: Cute Ways to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift.


To do this, first, write birthday invitations for your guests. Then, include the birthday gift request in the invitations. This is our favorite and most commonly used approach. 

You can ask for presents by writing something funny to make your guests laugh. You can also write something like this:

Bringing something would be appreciated, but your presence is all I need…

Bringing gifts is unnecessary, but if you do, I would appreciate it…

Our article How to Ask for Gift Cards on a Birthday Invitation contains some valuable tips on politely asking for gifts in different ways.

It’s a great idea to have a themed party.

Having a themed party means you don’t have to specify what the guests should get because they will do that on their own. Asking guests for gifts is a very polite gesture. 

Having a themed party is always fun, and if you want to give tech gifts, a gadget party would be ideal.

Spread the Word

You can spread the word about what you are looking for if you don’t feel comfortable writing it directly on your invitations. 

You can also share your desire for an excellent coffee maker with your friends. They’ll get the hint and may give you more ideas for what else to get.

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According to our research, the following examples have been found:

  1. Please don’t bring gifts so that we can celebrate with you.
  2. All you need is an appetite and company.
  3. The only thing we need from you is your company.
  4. I would appreciate it if you did not bring gifts.
  5. It is sufficient for you to be present.
  6. Honor can only be brought to us by your presence.

How do you politely decline a gift if you don’t want it?

Make sure you explain why you must decline the gift without embarrassing the giver. Keep your words simple and avoid drama. You do not always need to explain, but if necessary, be firm.

How can you politely refuse a gift when you do not want it?

You can write “No Gifts, Please” or something cuter like “Your presence is your present” in the lower-left or right corner of your invitation to ensure the wording does not overshadow it.

What is the polite way to ask for money instead of birthday gifts?

You should ask for money, but it will not sound rude if you ask politely, especially when asking friends and family. Tell them you’d rather have money than gifts.

Don’t be too proud of what you’ve accomplished.

You’ll know that monetary demands require sensitivity if you’ve read the obstacles above. It helps if you’re grateful for whatever gift you receive, no matter how big or small it may be.

The majority of people will still prefer to give you a gift.

If you ask for money, it may appear wishful thinking.

Most people will choose to give a gift over money if given a choice between the two. But be polite and gracious if they choose the latter. Some people are just more comfortable giving gifts than money.

Ask for gift cards

A gift card is an excellent alternative to money. Friends who are more comfortable giving gifts will feel more comfortable giving you money if they know where it will go.

With your invitation card, you can provide a list of your favorite outlets, so people know where they can buy, e.g., favorite stores, restaurants, charities, etc. Also, let your friends choose their gift vouchers.

Final Thoughts

Do you think the above strategies will work and you will be able to ask for gifts politely? Let us know in the comments. 

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