50+ awesome hiking gift ideas for anyone you love (Wanderlust Wonders in 2024)

Have you ever been hiking with someone? When you do, you can often make someone’s day by gifting them exciting items such as books, essentials, food, safety items, and popular outdoor kits. Making them happy with a generous gift will make them happy and make the entire outdoor experience more enjoyable. 

You need to be a hiker yourself to determine what they want. There is no need to worry about gift ideas when we have compiled a list of outdoor-themed items. 

hiking gift ideas for anyone

I will be glad to help you. The following hiking gift ideas are perfect for anyone with a passion for hiking, but you don’t know what to get them.

  1. Budget-friendly hiking gifts under $25
  2. The best hiking gifts for keeping them safe
  3. Gifts for hikers that you need
  4. Gifts for hikers that are full of food
  5. What to read as a hiker
  6. Gifts for hikers which are unique

How do I prepare for a hike?

The following items are essential for hikers:

  • There is enough water
  • Food was plentiful
  • An emergency kit
  • Device for navigation
  • Weatherproof clothing
  • Backpack for hiking
  • Trekking poles
  • Shoes or boots that are appropriate

These hiking essentials are sure to help you enjoy your hike more and ensure your basic survival. If not, the things may seem endless, considering that hikers may not carry every hike, such as those needed in case of an emergency. 

Brass Hiking Compass

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You can give someone a beautifully constructed brass compass that’s artistic, functional, and of high quality that motivates them to get out and explore the great outdoors or start a new adventure. The quote by Thoreau, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined,” is the perfect quote for a hiking lover! 


There’s nothing better than these things, and they’re so simple to use, which makes them a great gift idea for any outdoor enthusiast, and they’re super affordable. Especially in the outdoor world, rips in your hardshell or down jacket are inevitable.

Whenever my gear becomes damaged, I use this tape to repair it and keep using it. Additionally, people should continue to reclaim their gear rather than buy something new. You can find this tape in fun shapes, and it works great. 

When my jacket got burned from my camping stove, I patched it with this tape. I also patched up my hardshell mountaineering pants after I got ripped by my crampons.

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Wooden Walking Stick With Compass

Wooden Walking Stick With Compass

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We all know someone who has the spirit of Gandalf and doesn’t mind walking for hours without stopping. In addition to its durability, natural wood offers a rustic natural appeal. The device also includes an integrated compass and thermometer for extra convenience when exploring the wilderness, camping, or hiking away.

If you have to walk in your neighborhood, along trails, or up mountains, the hiking stick will be helpful throughout the year. Adding a steel spike makes it easy to maintain traction while walking on snow, mud, or packed surfaces.

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Waterproof Hiking Boots


One of the best hiking gifts for anyone who enjoys being outside on the trails is a good pair of boots, and a waterproof pair of boots is a great hiking gift for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, rain or shine. They feature Gore-Tex waterproofing, rubber treads, and lightweight construction, which will keep your feet safe and dry regardless of the conditions. Visit our hiking boot guides for more information on the best footwear for women and men.

Black Diamond Trekking Poles

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It is often necessary to provide extra support for hikers due to the conditions they face. Trekking poles are among the most valuable gifts for hikers since they are durable yet conveniently portable. Trekking poles from Black Diamond will fit in any standard suitcase and are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for traveling hikers. If you are looking for trekking poles, check out our buying guide to compare models and price ranges.

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Hydration is vital for hiking health, as long hours in the sun and on trails can cause dehydration. A Hydro Flask water bottle maintains water’s temperature regardless of the weather (or steam’s it up in cold weather). This brand of bottles boasts that their water keeps cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours—enough insulation to get you through a full day of hiking in any weather conditions.


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These glasses originally came with my trail running outfit last year. I could not find comfortable sunglasses that would stay on my face during a run. I finally found the right pair, and now I enjoy wearing them hiking, too!

Osprey Day Pack

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Hikers need to carry extra food, water, gear, and clothing for longer hikes. Finding a daypack that is comfortable and evenly distributes the weight is crucial. It’s also not a good idea for them to carry their stuff in your hands while scrambling up rocks. Our recommendation for day packs is an Osprey day pack between 18 and 30 liters, which is the best option for day hikes.

Multi-Tool Leatherman PS Style

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The PS-style Leatherman multi-tool, which Graham recommends due to its TSA compliance and beer bottle opener, is “Kleenex-style shorthand” for the entire multi-tool category.

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The GSI Outdoors Cathole Sanitation Trowel

Manning describes the cathole trowel as a “lightweight” piece of gear that makes going to the bathroom outdoors easier, as well as more sanitary. “It’s convenient to have when you’re camping out,” he says.

The North Face Venture Rain Jacket

The North Face Venture Rain Jacket

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Mountains can change their conditions at a moment’s notice. Our recommendation for hiking gifts is a rain jacket. It is both practical and intelligent. Whether you are hiking in the rain or the wet, the North Face Venture 2 Jacket for women and men is an excellent choice for rainy or wet conditions. We have had ours for years, and they keep out moisture when it rains or there is terrible weather.

PrAna Hiking Pants

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Hiking pants are comfortable, which is why they are a must-have item of gear. Despite their sweat-wicking qualities, hiking pants should be breathable and flexible. Among the best hiking pants we’ve found are PrAna’s Brion and Halle pants for men and women, which feature breathable material, great stretch, and rugged durability for day hikes and multi-day treks.

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Yak Trax Pro Traction Cleats

If you’re walking or hiking on packed snow or ice this winter, there’s nothing better than a pair of high-traction cleats to match your overshoe—the ideal gift for your hiking friend. These bad boys are wonderful. Going up or down a snowy hill is neither slippery nor dangerous. With this, you don’t have the problem that you had when you ran in the sand, where you didn’t have enough momentum to propel you forward.

Darn Tough Socks


The gift of socks sounds boring, but it is a unique gift that hikers would genuinely appreciate. Darn Tough, for example, comes with a lifetime warranty and is ideal for serious hikers. When your friend has hiked miles and miles and is wet, darn tough socks are a godsend. It’s all in the name: rugged, and they’re tough enough to weather any terrain. They’ve been tested in the mountains and are known to be highly durable.

Merino Wool Base Layers

A warm base layer is crucial to hikers, especially those at higher altitudes, and makes for a thoughtful hiking gift. Bringing warmth and cozy layers to the trails, Smartwool’s Merino 250 base layers wick moisture so you stay dry and comfortable.

Patagonia Compressible Puffer

Especially if you are hiking at altitude, it may be wise to bring extra layers when hiking in cold temperatures. Our favorite compressible puffer is the Patagonia Down Sweater, since it is made from organic down and keeps you warm in cold weather. It keeps hikers warm even in light snow when paired with a rain jacket!

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Merrell Trail Runners


Waterproof hiking boots are not always necessary for every trail. Especially in hot climates, trail runners that are lightweight and breathable are usually a better option. They make styles for women and men in many different colors, and Merrell Trail Runners are some of the best on the market.

Quick-drying Towel


A towel is a must-have item for any hiking trip. A hiker’s day pack includes a small and thin towel that’s always handy on humid, sweaty trails and for impromptu swimming sessions. Microfiber towels by Youphoria Outdoors are affordable, quick-drying, come in lots of fun colors, and are perfect for tossing in your bag before heading out to the trail.



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The luxuries that hikers and backpackers choose carefully to carry with them are often well thought out. Being burdened by large amounts of weight is challenging. Consequently, the MSR MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter (REI | Amazon) is a no-brainer for coffee or tea lovers. The cup weighs only 1 ounce, works with any mug or cup, and can be stored in a Ziplock bag for coffee or tea.


I’m posting this here for parents who want to feel secure about how they’re raising their kids when they’re outdoors. This gift is an ideal gift for hiking enthusiasts (or backpackers or rock climbers, for that matter). 

With this device, I always have my favorite thing on the trail with me. The tiny machine has an SOS button for 24/7 search and rescue if anything goes wrong while you are on track. But what’s even more remarkable about it is that you can also send and receive messages via cell service while you are in a dead zone.

With the Garmin in Reach Mini, your family could also track you while you’re hiking, so they would know where you are at all times. Pretty rad.

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Neff Beanie

Beanie is an ideal hiking gift for cold and windy conditions since it can help hikers stay safe and warm. It’s unnecessary to have anything fancy for hiking, so this affordable beanie from Neff is the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite hiker.

The North Face E-Tip Hiking Gloves

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While gloves are more relevant to colder climates, a great pair can prevent heat loss in the latter part of the season and at higher altitudes. In addition to being waterproof, the North Face E-Tip Gloves utilize technology compatible with touch screens. Meaning you won’t have to remove them when using your phone or tablet.


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I always pack a water purification system when I go hiking, though I rarely think about it. The Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter pump filter is more appropriate for backpacking. Still, it’s worthwhile to bring a lightweight water filtration option like the SteriPen (pretty pricey) or the Life Straw (less expensive).

You can use both if you get lost or something terrible happens, and either could end up saving your life. You can get one of these for your hiker to keep in their day pack, which will help increase their safety on the trails.



There is nothing more fun than pouring over a map and planning your next hike when you’re not hiking. Those are the places where National Geographic Trail Illustrated Atlases come in handy. The topographic maps are beautifully laid out, with points of interest, trail access points, and distances for each stretch of trail. When your dream becomes a reality, you’ll enjoy maps that are printed on durable, weather-resistant material that will last for years to come. Most hiking areas have maps.




Probably not, but what if you get lost? If a hiker has to use a headlamp on a day hike, they may wonder, “Why would they need one?” What if something happens? A spare battery and headlamp are always helpful to have on hand.

A headlamp is something I always carry with me. The Petzl headlamp I purchased three years ago still works well.

Recently, I was hiking near Half Dome and came across some hikers who seemed lost. The sun was setting, so I asked them if they needed any assistance. He told me that he and his climbing companion had just descended the cables from Half Dome and were unsure where to return to the trailhead. They had nothing with them. The group did not have water filters, jackets, or headlamps. Having only their phone flashlight, they certainly wouldn’t be able to make it back down. This type of person should not exist, and neither should the friends who are like them. Ensure they have essentials, such as a light!



There’s no reason to pack a severe emergency kit for most hikers as long as they enjoy the trail, which is fine 98% of the time. When it’s not, what happens? That’s why I like the SOL Emergency Bivvy so much. It is designed to reflect up to 90% of your body heat, trap warm air, and keep out wind and water. They stuff down into the size of a fist and weigh just 3 ounces. I keep them at the bottom of my backpack.

Hiking and Adventure Coffee Mug

Hiking and Adventure Coffee Mug

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Whenever your friends are too busy to enjoy a moment in the mountains, these mugs will always remind them to take a break from their computer and enjoy the breeze rolling off the hills. Because these mugs come in a display box, you can give them as a gift or keep them for yourself as a great pick-me-up.

Multi-functional Headwear

Were you looking for headwear for your family and friends? It is an excellent gift for anyone and can be used for hiking, as a neck gaiter, as a bandana tube, as a fishing mask, as a sports scarf, and as a course for fishing. Some are more attractive than others because of their designs!

Fruit Infuser Bottle

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The importance of staying hydrated has never been greater, but not everyone will love drinking plain water all day long. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the healthiest and most flavorful water because it is infused with fruits. I recommend this as an excellent gift for someone who loves hiking or being outdoors!


Hiking Logbook With Trips and Trails

Your hiking friends will love giving you this hiking logbook as a special and unique gift! They will find prompts and information to document their journey, a section for notes, and plenty of room to write on each spread. Included are sections on the date, weather, elevation gain or loss, time, distance, latitude or longitude, conditions, difficulty level, the route is taken, trail features, and sections about trail fees, parking, shuttles, etc. With several journaling prompts and plenty of space for notes, this guided journal is the perfect hiker’s notebook and makes an ideal hiking gift!


A hiker will recognize trails, wildlife, and landmarks in just a few seconds if they have the Celestron Nature Monocular. With its rubberized construction, waterproof properties, fog-proof qualities, and high contrast, the Celestron Nature is built for the outdoors. An excellent part of hiking is seeing all the incredible sights, and having a monocular brings that experience to a new level.


When I first began climbing to buy a Light My Fire fire starter, I was told I could use it even if my backpacking stove broke or I needed an emergency fire since it does not get wet.

In addition to its 12,000 strikes, the Light My Fire tool is incredibly lightweight. It’s just an ordinary piece of luggage I always bring.



While socks may not seem like the most exciting gift, they are instrumental! What is the significance of socks? The best way to prevent blisters while hiking is to keep your feet dry. Wool socks will benefit all hiking enthusiasts. Thus, I guarantee it! There are several options for wool socks, but I am partial to the Darn Tough Wool Socks. I like them both.

A one-liter Patagonia Ultralight Mini Hip pack

Patagonia’s Fanny Pack is stylish, convenient, and comfortable. We can haul just enough gear without feeling bulky, whether we’re hiking or bopping around town.

TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon

The titanium spoon is an excellent piece of kitchen equipment. It’s long enough to scrape the bottom of deep, rehydrated dinner bags, and it’s strong enough that it won’t snap in half in the peanut butter jar like cheap plastic alternatives.


With the rise in popularity of selfies, the Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit enables you to shoot a different photo. It’s easy to use anywhere due to its twisting legs. Almost anything—from uneven surfaces to branches to backpacks—can be attached to it. The device is light and fits easily into the side pocket of a bag. This model can be used with anything from a smartphone to a DSLR camera.


Use carabiners to secure items to your bags, pants, or trees; they’re valuable and durable. If you are sleeping in a tent, you can hang your bags or dry wet clothes. The color-coded carabiners you’ll get for cheap last for a long time on your hiker.


This is by far the best outdoor gear I have purchased. In addition to camping out more than 20 times, I traveled on four-week-long backpacking expeditions with it. Also, I store it in my car and string it up in my backyard, so it’s always with me when I leave the house. 

Among the advantages of hammocks like the ENO SingleNest Hammock are that they are lightweight, pack small, and hang easily. They provide excellent comfort as well. Whether you are taking it for a hike, backpacking, or simply lounging around at home or the trailhead, you can use it at any time. Make sure to get hanging straps, which make setting up the hammock super easy.


Although I don’t take rocking chairs on hikes, I keep them in my car for relaxing after hikes or when I am camping. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chairs have rocking shocks in the back that make them easy to rock and highly comfortable. The backpack is also handy when I’m not hiking: at soccer matches, picnics, or in my backyard.

Foldable Wide-Brimmed Hat

A hat with a comprehensive enough brim to protect the eyes and face of hikers is required for hotter hikes or those in the sun. A wide-brimmed hat like this makes for a good gift for hikers, especially in places like Joshua Tree or Zion, where shady spots are few and far between.

Solar Rechargeable Battery Pack

The longer you’re on the trails, the harder it is to keep your phone charged, so it’s probably a big challenge for hikers. Giving a waterproof solar battery pack to your favorite hiker will allow them to recharge their batteries while they’re trekking. What a neat idea, huh?


One of the best hiking trail foods is larabars, and this variety box makes a great gift with a varied variety of flavors!


All of you know I’m a vast Patagonia fan, and I love everything over at Patagonia Provisions. I love these salmon packets, and they have become one of my new favorites.

You can choose from several flavors, and they now even have mussels. The best part is that they don’t require refrigeration (as long as the package hasn’t been opened). Cooked or raw, they are delicious either way.

This might not be a gift for the average hiker because it doesn’t seem like something they would typically splurge on, but I’d bet it is an excellent gift for someone who likes fish. I haven’t tried Patagonia Provisions’ other products yet, such as the jerky and soups.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight  

Depending on your friend’s experience, even day hikes might require a headlamp. Imagine when a hiker wants to explore the café or, worse, get lost in the jungle. Headlamps would be crucial pieces of lighting equipment. It is possible to purchase a set of spare batteries for the headlamp to ensure it is always available.

Because headlamps are worn on the head, their portability allows the hands to perform other tasks. When lost in the jungle, you might consider using your phone’s flashlight, which is practical but insufficient. If you are thinking of giving away a gift, the Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight is an excellent choice, as it provides super-bright light that shines for up to 45 hours non-stop. 

Sportsman Industries Survival Shelter Kit  

Every hiker should always have a sleeping bag with them. Adding another to the existing one is something that anyone would like to see. To make traveling with your sleeping bag easier, choose one that is lightweight and foldable. You will leave your loved ones with a lasting memory of your gift when they wake up after a good night’s sleep. 

If you want to gift a survival shelter with a fire starter, consider the Sportsman Industries Survival Shelter Kit. Besides a blanket, a thermal tent, and a sleeping bag, Sportsman includes a tent and sleeping bag too. Moreover, it can withstand any weather condition, making it an excellent solution for survival if confronted with unforeseen circumstances.


There are a growing number of people taking photographs on the trail with their iPhones. I mentioned this above. If you’re a hiker who likes taking pictures with their iPhone, this will make a great gift idea.


It’s a great little tripod for hiking and backpacking, and I always carry it with me. It has foldable legs, which are helpful. It can be used on multiple surfaces or wrapped around a tree or hiking pole. The hiking friends I know might also enjoy it since I have found it helpful.

Lastly, let me say…

There are some excellent hiking gifts listed above. Let your loved ones experience your love with the experience of a life filled with excitement that fits their budget and preferences!

Hopefully, this gift guide has given you some ideas for your hiking friends and family members (or even yourself)! You can reach out to me in the comments section below if you have any questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to check out our other gear resources!

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