Our Favorite 40 Items Pokemon Gift Ideas For Kids In 2024

If you weren’t going to buy a Pokemon gift for a kid, check out these gift ideas. The kids and I sat down together and came up with this easy gift list to help out. Pokemon is a popular game in our house, and you don’t need to spend too much time here to know that. We all play with our decks and compete against each other regularly, so it is pretty much unavoidable that we discuss all things Pokemon regularly. That’s how this list of Pokemon gift ideas came to be.


Among the list’s items are some directly related to the game and ones that were inspired by it. I assisted in creating this Pokemon gift guide for both my 13-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. In addition to being kid-approved, these ideas were chosen by the kids themselves!

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The Pokemon Cards

Those who have Pokemon starter sets in their homes are probably eager for new cards and want to get their hands on the newest releases. If we want to add cards to our deck without anything, in particular, we use these Golden Groundhog loads, but when our kids want specific cards, they use the Pokemon Tins.

Breakfast is most important: a pokeball waffle iron.

Your morning just got a whole lot better. Waffles baked in this waffle maker, shaped like a Pokemon ball, will look great slathered in butter and drenched in syrup. Both sides of the waffle will be imprinted with pokeball details, allowing you to stack them higher on the plate without losing their visual appeal.

Is anybody hungry?

Pokemon Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie To Upgrade Your Snuggies

Kigurumi is magical apparel. If your children have never seen one, you must imbue them with knowledge of its fabulous soft fur. In Japan, kigurumi is similar to one-pieces, except for adults, and they’re intended to serve as loungewear.

Their softness is unmistakable, and they purposely lack shape and are oversized, like oversized blankets. Even though this Kigurumi looks like Pikachu, there are many variations out there, all of which are unique and awesome.

Pikachu Slippers

Pikachu slippers make playing Pokemon even more enjoyable, especially when equipped with the right gear. Keeping their feet warm and comfy while searching for Pokemon, these slippers are ideal for wearing indoors. This pair of Pikachu slippers will surely bring a smile to the face of any Pokemon fan.

 Nintendo Switch Pokeball Controller

Considering most Pokemon games released on the Nintendo Switch are pokeball-themed, only Nintendo would release a Pokemon controller. Perfect for adults and children, this controller transforms their gaming experience and makes them feel like an actual Pokemon trainer! This game controller not only lights up and vibrates but also plays audio related to the game.

 Pokemon Clothes

You can also encourage your kids to show off their Pokemon love with their clothes. Here are a few Pokemon-themed clothing gift ideas:

  • Snorlax nightgowns or pajama sets that feature a variety of characters make great gifts.
  • A pokeball shirt, a shirt showing a favorite Pokemon, such as this Eevee evolution shirt, and an old-school Pikachu shirt are good choices.
  • It’s also fun to wear Pokemon dresses! Pikachu is one of my daughter’s current wishes, but this Bulbasaur dress also looks fun! 
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes! The Pokemon sock market is loaded with attractive options. 

 Pokemon Toys and Games

The big kids and small kids alike appreciate Pokemon toys. You don’t need to go far to find great toys, and a Pokeball set, action figures, and building sets are all excellent options.

Additionally, you can’t go wrong with Pokémon puzzles or video games, like the recently released Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for Nintendo Switch. I recall my kids adding their savings to buy the Pokémon Sword game so excited about it that they bought it themselves.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, this waterproof Pokeball sling bag is ideal for transporting your games and controllers in safety.

A Guide for Their Epic Adventure: The Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

The first Pokemon created was Rhydon, and he was the first one discovered. What did you know about Azurill, the only Pokemon that can change gender? Super Deluxe Essential Handbook provides an insight into the world of Pokemon.

Information about over 800 species is presented on bright, colorful pages filled with photographs and illustrations, making it suitable for many readers. The book is a definite must-have for fans of Pokemon of any age.

Makeup Brushes With Pokemon Wands—Avengers-Style

If they’re crazy about Captain America’s butt as much as they’re crazy about Pikachu, this is the gift they’ll love. Each brush is topped with a Pikachu in an Avengers costume. The set includes six multi-sized brushes used for shading, blending, highlighting, and contouring.

Hulk appears in green; Iron Man appears in red and gold. It is possible to combine her nerdy pop culture interests and create a killer eyeshadow look simultaneously.

For Folding Fun: Pokemon Origami Kit

The kit includes both a 2-D and a 3-D Pokemon kit, so you can make them in either dimension. The arrangement of the patterns is made with difficulty, so you can begin with Pikachu’s simple lines before tackling Eevee’s intricate folds.

Kits include a few paper samples that you can use right away, so you can get crafty right away. You can fold a maximum of how many Pokemon at a time. Do you think you can catch them all?

Pokemon Clip Belt

Pokemon trainers should always come prepared for battle since you never know what you’ll encounter. All the essentials a Pokemon master might need are included in this belt. The set includes a belt and three pokeballs with Pokemon figures inside them, making it an ideal gift for fans of the TV series or video games.

Nintendo Switch Lite

A brand new Switch Lite is the perfect choice for gamers who want the whole shebang. Spoiler: Your kid, spouse, girlfriend, or mother (or dog) will be the talk of the holiday when they get their hands on a Nintendo Switch. I had hours of fun with Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Mario, and more. Nintendo has an endless selection of adventure games.

Pokemon Go Pokeball Power Bank

For long Pokemon Go sessions, this Pokeball Charger Power Bank is ideal. There is a 12,000mAh capacity, and it is compatible with Apple as well as Android devices. Also included are LED indicators for indicating the charge status and battery percentage.

Pokemon Accessories 

You can also give your kids accessories as Pokemon gifts. Our son is obsessed with these Jigglypuff caps and Ash Ketchem hats, and our daughter is smitten with these Pokemon earrings, this Pokeball bag, and this Pokemon charm bracelet.

In addition, both of my kids like the Pikachu beanies and the Charmander versions. 

Pokemon Cookie Cutters to watch on Chopped With Charmander

If someone bakes when stressed, it may be an indication of stress. It could be that they are trying to come up with new ways of slicing bread and cheese. With these cookie cutters, you can make cookies, brownies, fruitcakes, and more. So, go figure, no matter what the kids want to create, they can bring their Pokemon love to everything they make.

Pokestop Addicts: I want the shirt.

Despite Pokemon Go’s decline in popularity, if you have a buddy who still hunts Scythers diligently, this shirt can capture their spirit. With a pokeball right in front, it reads “I’m Just Here for the Pokestop,” so other Pokemon fans will recognize him immediately.

If he trespasses somewhere, thinking he’s seen an aerodactyl, it may even prevent him from getting arrested.

Snuggle away from your spouse with this 18-inch plush.

This Slowpoke stands out from the sea of Pokemon plushies in the world. He’s a gentle giant because of his immense size, or maybe it’s because of the soft microfiber lining and the irresistibly soft stuffing.

Whatever the case, he’ll be too cute for your gift recipient to resist. It’s almost like having a stuffed animal that’s as comfortable as a body pillow!

 Pokemon Curtains

Give someone’s room a boost of color with this colorful Pokemon curtain set. These officially licensed curtains feature different Pokemon, including Pikachu, Charmander, Eevee, and Bulbasaur. These curtains are sure to turn anyone’s bedroom into the ultimate Pokemon trainer’s hangout. They are made of microfiber and machine washable, making them the perfect addition to any fan’s room.

Pokemon Wall Decals

With these fantastic Pokemon wall decal stickers, you can liven up the walls of someone you care about. These 22 different decals are easy to apply; peel off the back and stick them on! There are 22 decals included, ranging from 2.5 inches to 7.5 inches wide. Additionally, these decals are manufactured in the USA, are easily removed, and leave no residue behind.

Pokeball Plush

This soft and fluffy pokeball plush encourages them to learn the basics. Pokeballs are the perfect size for any Pokemon fan at 4 inches in diameter. Pokemon merchandise that’s officially licensed is perfect for those who want to take their pokeball-throwing skills to the next level.

Pokeball Lunch Bag

This Pokemon-branded lunch bag ensures their food remains safe and secure throughout the day. The lunch bag is shaped and colored like a Pokemon ball and features a zip-close compartment for security. An excellent gift for both adults and children, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Pikachu Premium Gold Protector for Nintendo 3DS XL

Sadly, this item is only compatible with the 2015 Nintendo 3DS XL; it will not work with the models released in 2011.

It’s now possible to own a console and protect it at the same time! The cover for the Nintendo 3DS XL is made from hard plastic by HORI. The gold metallic case wraps snugly around your Nintendo 3DS XL, giving any plain console a shiny Pokèmon-inspired look! The Dusk Lycanroc in Ultra Sun & Moon is waiting for you, so snap this dress on to get going!

The gold-colored protector case includes Pikachu as well as lightning bolts, glitter, and bubbles. In addition to the solid gold border, the port and camera lenses on your 3DS are also highlighted in gold. You will have access to all of your ports with the protector, but keep in mind that the phone will not fit in a charging cradle.

3-Piece Pokèmon Plush Set

The Kanto starters are essential for any Pokémon collection, and you can purchase them plush from Wicked Cool Toys.

Pokefans with children will love these plushes, especially if they recently had children. These plushes can be used to choose your first Pokemon, and then your lads and lasses can choose their first Pokémon.

Each of the three Pokémon in this set is a Bulbasaur, a Squirtle, and a Charmander. These cuddly plushies measure approximately 8″ in height, are covered with a piece of soft polyester fabric, and are filled with Poly-Fil.

Pokemon Chopsticks

Growing up, you probably saw Pokemon trainers eating noodles with chopsticks on more than one occasion. It is believed that chopsticks played some role in the nonviolent teachings of Confucius over 3,000 years ago. In this set, you’ll find Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y like Fennekin, Froakey, Chespin, and Venusuar, as well as legendary Pokemon like Xerneas and Yveltal.

Gengar Carrying Case for Pokemon Trading Cards

Trainers who collect cards will need a carrying case that’s water- and shock-resistant for all their items. This case can hold hundreds of standard-sized Pokemon cards without strain and has a smooth cover and clear, individual pouches.

The blue box features the sharp blue teeth and red eyes of Gengar, so thieves will think twice before stealing this valuable item!

This Pokémon-style infinity scarf is perfect for fashionistas.

Keep them warm with this Pokemon-themed infinity scarf on cold mornings. Official Pokemon products are made from high-quality, soft material, so you can rest assured that the giftee will be able to wear them all year round. Dances in both summer and winter are possible for Pikachu.

 Pikachu Bath Towel

The adorable Pikachu bath towel with ears will make bath time more fun. With its super-soft texture, this towel will keep anyone warm after a bath or swimming. Providing warmth and comfort while being highly absorbent, the material dries quickly.

Togepi AirPods Carrying Case: A 21st Century Gift

Where do these AirPods always go? If she buys AirPods, will she be afraid of leaving them on a bus or a bathroom counter? Let Togepi assist you. The polymer material used for his construction is soft and supple, but he’s also strong, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint, despite his soft appearance.

Your AirPods won’t be at risk because he’ll protect them. It will be no problem for him.

This oven mitt is made of pokeball fabric.

Don’t let the practicality of your gift turn you off. The Pokemon-inspired oven mitt lets you take your kids on a journey throughout Johto without them leaving the kitchen. Fabrics on the exterior are quilted to repel heat, while fabrics on the interior are lined with soft terry to provide comfort.

The dishes will have a Pokemon twist, so all their favorites will be ready for eating!

The Jigglypuff Cap

With this Jigglypuff-embroidered snapback cap, they can keep the sun out of their eyes while playing Pokemon Go. A perfect gift for Pokemon fans who love the outdoors, this cap is officially licensed Pokemon merchandise. They’ll keep you from taking this off! Of course, it’s a perfect gift for any occasion!

How To Draw Pokemon Book

With this fantastic book on how to draw Pokemon, they will better understand their creative side. Anyone can learn how to draw Pokemon using this book, making it a tremendous Pokemon gift for any superfan. No matter how seasoned or inexperienced they are, you will find all the helpful tips and tricks you need in this book.

Pokemon Watch

This stainless steel watch features Pokemon imagery to help them keep track of time. With an adjustable rubber strap, this Pokemon watch can fit any wrist, making it an ideal gift for any birthday celebration. The officially licensed merchandise comes packaged in an official box.

Pokemon Boxer Briefs

New clothes for boys can be challenging, especially if the style or color doesn’t appeal to them. Boxer brief underwear in three styles will make them think twice about their decision. Three different prints make these briefs extra fun, and they’re made from high-quality polyester, making them super comfy and lightweight.

Pokemon Cereal Bowl Set

Breakfast should be fun with these awesome Pokemon cereal bowls. This Pokemon bowl set includes Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle, each carved with a different Pokemon on the bottom. Make their mornings more fun with these adorable Pokemon-themed cereal bows.

Turn the mew into an illuminating nightlight by capturing him and turning him into this pretty nightlight. In addition to being the star of the show, the 151st Pokemon lights up a pokemon’s bedroom in a choice of five colors. Personalize with the recipient’s name to add a personal touch.

Here are three tips that will make your Pokemon presents unforgettable

Getting a Pokemon gift can be overwhelming, as there are so many options to choose from. However, there is some good news, as you can narrow down your options with these three tips.

Watch out for knockoffs

It’s not quite right in the details. It looks like the stitching is strange. Rather than use Japanese tags, Chinese tags were used. There are many indications that a Pokemon product is a knockoff, and you ought to be wary of them while shopping.

Scammers are always looking for someone to dupe with this brand because it is so popular.

Take Their Interests into Account

There are over 800 variations of Pokemon in video games, cards, movies, and animated cartoons. Your friend prefers which ones?

Furthermore, do they consume any of the Pokemon media? Video games might be unappealing to them, or anime might not be their cup of tea. It is similarly improper to pick up a random species of Pokemon for a Pokémon nerd, the same as picking up a random book for a bibliophile or a necklace for a jewelry lover.

Language Barriers

Although Pokemon products are available in English, some video games and toys might not have subtitles, or some may be meant for Japanese buyers.

Using a Pokemon piggy bank instead of a dollar might make more sense. While shopping, you need to be aware of the possible differences.

Final Words

Pokemon gifts like these are sure to motivate your kids to strive for perfection. What do you think of our choices? Could they even want to be different from everyone else? Would you like us to add any cool Pokemon merchandise to our list? Or would you like us to suggest different gifts? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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