45+ Roommate Gift Guide for Every Type of Roommate 2024 (17 Thoughtful and Fun Ideas to Strengthen Your Bond)

Sharing a room with others can be difficult, but in the right circumstances, you can also achieve great success. Are you on the hunt for just the right gift to give your special roommate?

This is the right place for you if you have. For those who want to smooth things over with their roommate or just show them how much you care. 

These are the 10 best gifts for your roommate 

  1. Using headphones 
  2. Socks made of wool
  3. Holder for wine glasses in the bathtub 
  4. Reading material for the restroom 
  5. Care Package with Variety Snacks 
  6. Kits for men to care for their beards
  7. A pair of beach bums
  8. An indicator for the cleanliness of the dishwasher
  9. Scarf to cover the shoulders
  10. Helmets 

Would you mind sharing how you surprised your roommate?

Make sure you show your roommate a lot of love and praise. To make this happen, please follow these steps:

  • Make plans to go on a trip together 
  • For a few days, she should do her chores 
  • Surprise her with a dinner 
  • Get ready for a spa surprise 
  • Concert tickets are a great way to surprise her 
  • Let’s go on a picnic 
Thoughtful and Fun Ideas to Strengthen Your Bond - Roommate Gift Guide for Every Type of Roommate.
Thoughtful and Fun Ideas to Strengthen Your Bond - Roommate Gift Guide for Every Type of Roommate.

Would you be able to tell me how to become a better roommate? 

It is only by embracing the following that you will be a better roommate:

  • Listen to your roommate. Regardless of whether your roommate is your best friend or not, it’s important to listen to each other. It is sometimes beneficial for your relationship if you lend an ear to your roommate who is looking for counsel. 
  • It is vital to communicate; effective communication is key to a successful communal living arrangement. Communication is crucial before even moving in together. There must be a shared understanding of expectations and how both of you are going to share the responsibilities.
  • Consider your roommate. Before doing anything new, make sure your roommate is comfortable with it. You can always be attentive in that way. Although you might think what you’re doing is good, your roommate may be irritated by it. 
  • Don’t assign all duties to one person – You are living together, and it’s unfair to leave everything to just one person. Conflict will certainly result from this. Therefore, it’s important to discuss ways to share responsibilities. You can delegate the task of cleaning the dishes to your roommate if you are cooking.
  • It is impossible to achieve perfection; life is full of ups and downs, and nobody is great all the time. In other words, do not rush to quarrel with your roommate if he makes a mistake. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. The problem can be harmoniously solved as long as it isn’t a habit. 
  • Make sure you don’t force friendships. Being friends with your roommate does not equal having deep and lasting friendships. For peace of mind, it’s best to accept the direction things are going and mind your own business.

What is the best way to tell your roommate you don’t want to live with her anymore? 

You should first let her know that you care about her and that you don’t mean any harm to her. Second, let her know that, because it was a hard decision, you feel it’s the best thing for you both. You could finally remind her one more time that you care about her and apologize if anything upsets her. 

You might not realize it, but your roommate is one of the most precious relationships in your life. The message board can be used for a variety of purposes, including cleaning up messes and sharing utilities. It is especially appropriate to celebrate their birthdays and graduations with a gift. Purchasing the perfect gift for your roommate can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what he or she likes. We have compiled a list of 17 gifts that will let your buddies know you care. 

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Best Birthday Gift For Roommate

Magnetic Poetry: Original Kit: Leave Each Other Notes

Have you ever seen anything like this? You wake up to find a fun note on the fridge written by your roommate! Over 300 magnetic tiles are included in this set, so you can write an endless number of messages. Measurements are provided for each tile.

The box measures 4.75 x 6 inches and measures 375 x 375mm. There is compatibility between this set and other Magnetic Poetry sets. This is a gift the two of you will enjoy, and it’s sure to be well received!

An Anthology about Life with Your Roommate: Sharing Lives and Being friends

A fun read for roommates, this book is filled with drawings and quizzes that can help you have a great time together. In addition to describing questions such as ‘Can I eat this without asking?’, pie charts also provide illustrations. There are ideas for chore charts, ‘, and much more.

The pet peeve awareness guide and hypothetical situations are sure to entertain you both. This book is 160 pages of laughter and great advice that you’ll both love!

If you have just one roommate or a lot in the double digits, this set of face masks makes a great gift.

Seeing the positive feedback, I decided to keep the strawberry face masks and use them for myself. They smell amazing and feel nice too.”. This is a good value for a decent face mask brand. Highly recommended for people who love face masks and want to try them all.” 

There can never be too many succulents for The Nice Plant, and this one comes with a drainage tube!

This succulent comes with a drainage tube, so you can never have too many succulents for The Nice Plant! The Nice Plant, a Black-owned business, offers natural products and plants for consumers.

Thanks for a well-packed, healthy plant that arrived! As someone who isn’t exactly natural at caring for plants, it comes with excellent care instructions. It’s good I’ve got so much free time to think about when to water the plant!

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This doormat is perfect for the guys: 1art1 Batman

An apartment for a man would be incomplete without this Batman doormat. It’s made of coconut and PVC brush material with the words ‘Welcome to the Batcave’ printed on it to easily brush away dirt and mud. It measures 24 x 16 and will make the perfect roommate gift!

Friends Photo Frame: A fun way to remember the show

Monica’s door frame from FRIENDS will be instantly recognizable to every FRIENDS fan. It measures 22.5′′ x 17.5′′ and would make a great gift for your roommate. Handpainted details adorn the pieces. Create an unforgettable gift by including a picture of you and your loved one!

Socks Made From Wool

It was once true that getting socks for Christmas was perhaps the least exciting thing to open, but that was in the past. Jaron Kaufman, a student at Indiana University, said that socks make the perfect gift because everyone needs them. This gift will make your roommate’s life easier every time they walk through the snow on their way to class.


Listens to music all day long with your roommate? Headphones are a great gift for someone who loves music. Sometimes, headphones serve as a polite way to remind your roommate to be quiet while you are working on something. As you wind up your work, they will plug in and listen to their favorite music. Stress is relieved, and we feel better when we listen to music. Consequently, you can encourage your roommate to listen to a particular song if they are a bit stressed. 

A good pair of headphones will allow you to talk while on the go and adjust the volume easily. The phone can be picked up, and songs can be switched with little interruption. If you are thinking about gifting headphones, consider the AILIHEN C8. The headphones work with most audio equipment, including laptops, cellphones, MP4 players, MP3 players, and computers. 

AILIHEN C8 headphones: Why are they so fabulous? 

  • Brand: AILEHEN (Trustworthy brand)
  • Type- Over-ear 
  • Color: Various (allows you to choose one based on your roommate’s favorite)
  • Weight: 6.40 ounces (lightweight, making it practical) 

Special features Volume control allows one to adjust to a comfortable voice that won’t damage the ears. The microphone allows one to make and receive calls conveniently. It is compatible with tablets, Kindles, iPods, and iPads, making it a perfect pick for everyone. 



 How do you calm down more than a cold beer or glass of wine in the bathtub? A wine enthusiast would enjoy receiving this gift. The gift will also benefit you as you share the room. Therefore, this wine glass holder is a nice present for your friend. A bottle of wine can be enjoyed with others while the premium glass holder is at your disposal.

A dishwasher-safe glass holder like the SipCaddy model will make it easier for your roommate to wash. There is no doubt that your roommate will enjoy the gift because of its sleek appearance. 

Here are a few reasons the SipCaddy cupholder is the one you need: 

  • Brand: -SipCaddy (Glassware of high quality)
  • Color -Clear 
  • Metal: ABS plastic (non-toxic, recyclable)
  • Benefits: Made of high-quality materials that are suitable for mirrors, glass, and glazed tiles. Has a modern appearance with a sleek design that is admirable to many. The dishwashing machine-safe design makes cleaning a breeze. 


Having a glass of wine in the tub is relaxing, but what could be better? Ivetich tells IU News, “You can’t go wrong with this gift for the roommate who enjoys a good bottle of wine. maybe you’ll benefit later from sharing your glass with your roommates.

For those who like to add a hint of elegance to their favorite bottle of $3 merlot, here’s a wine aerator.

This review is promising. “I aerated the wine immediately. I’d never done this before, so I had to drink half the bottle before it tasted right. It makes it hard to imagine how a seemingly simple thing could be so impactful. This will help you decant wine quickly, easily, and effortlessly. If you know wine, you will be more impressed at how easy, quick, and efficient it worksI used it the other day and realized I should thank the person who gave it to me. My mind immediately went to the item I bought for myself. Wine drinkers who do not own one of these would be delighted to receive this gift.” 

Decorative Key & Mail Holder: Rustic Wall-Mounted
Decorative Key & Mail Holder: Rustic Wall-Mounted

Decorative Key & Mail Holder: Rustic Wall-Mounted



With this organizer, neither of you will have to worry about losing keys or mail! Using vintage charred wood, this key and mail holder look beautiful and are incredibly useful. A shelf is located below the shelf and a compartment for mail is under the hooks.

5.8 inches by 17 inches by 4.5 inches. Several magazines and several envelopes can be stored in the main compartment.



You can make your roommate read a book by giving him or her some minor encouragement occasionally. Next semester, stylish backpacks might help them make the library their top destination instead of the bars.

Snack care package


You will find a wide selection of delicious snacks here that your roommate will enjoy. Make sure there are cookies, goldfish crackers, Oreos, Chex mix, and candy favorites included in the pack. You should ensure the box comes beautifully packaged with care to ensure the entire set comes together properly. It’s also not an affordable gift. 

Choosing a variety snack box with 40 individually wrapped single-serve snacks will allow your roommate to enjoy it for longer.

The following reasons make a care package of snacks for your buddy a perfect choice:

  • Brand – Duogreen (Healthy snacking trusted)
  • Size -40 counts (doesn’t expire)
  • Style -a package for a great presentation (suitable packaging for an awesome presentation)
  • Other benefits include 40 single-serve snacks that are individually wrapped.

Beach bum toilet spray

If you share a toilet with a roommate, this is the perfect gift idea. The smell of a public restroom makes sharing a bathroom a nightmare. The rancid smell will no longer bother you with beach bum spray. Thus, your roommate won’t have to put up with annoying or uncomfortable scenarios just because the bathroom smells fresh. 

This Beach Bum Spray set of 2 contains only essential oils and natural compounds. It is entirely chemical-free and made of essential oils. A wonderful feature of the gift box is that everything comes beautifully packaged. 

When it comes to roommates, why is Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray a great present?

  • Label: Paw-Pourri (For natural skincare)
  • A value package of Tropical Hibiscus and Ship Happens (2oz apiece) is included in this gift set.
  • Benefits: It is chemical-free, so there is no risk of allergies. With a single spray, you can keep the toilet smelling fresh. Many people love the scent of tropical hibiscus. 

A waterproof notepad would be perfect for recording their brilliant ideas while they’re taking those 40-minute showers without hot water.

The reviews say: “These things are awesome because you can spray water directly on them in the shower or even in the sink and they remain there!” My roommates and I have used these for writing dirty notes in the shower each day and have found this to be invaluable.

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K-Classic Keurig Coffee Maker Makes Coffee for Two

K-Classic Keurig Coffee Maker Makes Coffee for Two


Maybe you’re giving this to your roommate as much as he or she is to you, but either way, they’re going to love it! You can enjoy delicious K-Cup Pod coffee in less than a minute.

The reservoir holds 48 ounces of water, so you won’t need to fill it before each cup. You can choose between black or rhubarb, and after two hours, it will automatically turn off.

Tool Set: Allied Tools Tool Kit for Projects and Repairs

For fathers, uncles, or brothers, it is unlikely to be possible to help make repairs or assemble new items. This toolkit includes everything you and your roommate need to complete the task together.

It has many pockets, both on the inside and outside, so you can keep all your tools organized. The tool kit includes quality tools like a screwdriver, a hammer, and pliers.

Organize your storage space with nesting storage crates with chalkboard fronts and cutout handles

It is attractive and functional to keep things organized within this nesting storage crate set. It can be used to write fun words or sayings on the chalkboard front panels to add a modern touch.

Alternatively, you can select torched wood or rustic brown. 4.8″ x 14.2″ x 8.5″ describes the measurements of the large crate. The medium crate measures 4.5 inches by 12.7 inches by 7.1 inches, and the small crate measures 4 inches by 11 inches by 5.6 inches.

A Girl With A Tattoo On Her Back
A Girl With A Tattoo On Her Back



It’s never a bad thing to help your roommate build a book collection, even if you see pieces of your own life in Trainwreck.

A clean/dirty indicator on your dishwasher is crucial because there is nothing more irritating than heating your meals on a dirty plate. This is a common problem in shared kitchens. Is there a way to solve this problem? Magnets are designed for cleaning dishwashers. 

Noosa Life Dishwasher Clean and dirty indicators are made of long-lasting, premium-quality materials and stick to the front of your dishwasher. Thus, you won’t have to worry about contagious diseases arising from contaminated food since your roommate will always know the clean and dirty dishes. In addition to its ease of use and affordability, this item makes a wonderful roommate gift.

Clean/dirty indicator features that make the Noosa Life Dishwasher great for roommates include:

  • Brand: Noosa Life (Products made of premium acrylics)
  • Color: Metallic, so your buddy will be able to use it for a longer period.
  • Weight: 3.19 ounces (Perfect for use in the kitchen) 
  • Another benefit is that the device is easy to use and offers a stronghold for everyone, including those wearing glasses. The magnets are designed to prevent accidental snoozing between dirty and clean dishes. 

The case for your laptop 

Are your roommates equipped with laptops? You can give them such a case as a gift if they already have one. Your roommate’s laptop is well protected by the laptop case. In addition, when in a meeting, your roommate will look professional. You can find quality cases for an affordable price, even if some premium cases are a little expensive. 

Laptop cases should be able to accommodate various laptop types. Think about ARVOK’s laptop sleeves in multi-colors and sizes. 

What are the benefits of ARVOK laptop sleeves in multi-colors and sizes? 

  • Color: Various 
  • Material: Neoprene (water-resistant, durable)
  • Other advantages: It is lightweight and portable. In the event of rain or liquid spills, the laptop is water-resistant for maximum protection. It is compatible with many laptops, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will suit your roommate’s needs. 

A wine tumbler for BFFs: You’re My Thelma and My Louise

Then this stainless steel wine tumbler is the perfect gift for your favorite sidekick. The tumbler features double-wall vacuum insulation that can keep drinks warm or cold for hours at a time. This tumbler reads, “You are the Thelma to my Louise.”

With the straw, you get a reusable lid and a brush for cleaning it. There are rose gold, purple, and mint tumblers available, each with a 12-ounce capacity.

Stay snug outside with this giant blanket scarf—or inside if your super is out of town during a power outage

Promising review: “I was surprised at how soft the scarf was when I first opened it. It’s a gift for a friend, and I just love the colors and feel of this scarf. It’s a true blanket size, which I know is what my friend likes; I can’t wait to give it to her!” 

For transforming their room into a relaxing sanctuary, they can purchase a Himalayan pink salt lamp.

This salt lamp is great. I have been looking for one to put in my bedroom because I love the one I have in my living room so much! As soon as I received it, I was surprised by the weight – it’s heavier than I expected – and by the lovely colors. I like it because it has more color variation than the one I already have, and it is darker in color than the one I already own. In comparison to the Sharper Image lamp I was gifted, this one appears to be more authentic or natural in its colors! As soon as it’s lit, it emits such a beautiful, deep glow that I love to be close to it!”

Gift of Fragrance: Reed Diffuser from NEST Fragrances

You and your partner will enjoy this reed diffuser from NEST. Diffusers hold 5.9 ounces and complement any decor. 24 different fragrances are available, and some of the most popular are bamboo, cashmere suede, Moroccan amber, and velvet.

If you’re having friends over, LIKEWISE! Having a good time

I always enjoy giving board games as gifts, and this one would be ideal for a group of friends! Each player creates their category by combining a description with a topic card. The answer with the most matches wins the round. Players write down whatever comes to mind.

There are over 5,000 possible pairings, with obvious examples like ‘Pathetic’ Politician or ‘Mysterious’ Cooking Utensil. In addition to the game board and paddles, players will receive markers, description cards, and subject cards. The game is recommended for ages 14 and up.


Adult coloring books are a big hit with the quieter creative types, and they can make a great roommate night in. My roommate and I bonded over coloring during the first week of school. The gift took her mind off the stress college sometimes brings, so I decided it was the perfect gift to help her unwind after finals,” said University of Maine-Farmington freshman Mariah Langton. Keep your pennies in your pocket and don’t spend them all on pencils.

Ink pens


If your roommate loves pencils, consider getting him or her a set of his or her favorite pens for the holidays as well as a gift for the upcoming semester. If you don’t have to get them anything over-the-top, buy them a nice multipack with a variety of colors so they know you’re paying attention to what pens they like and what colors they need so they won’t “borrow” all your pens.

Sleep mask


There is nothing more valuable than a good night’s sleep. Your roommate can still sleep comfortably while wearing the sleep mask when the lights are on. Therefore, don’t underestimate this gift in any way. Community living requires this item. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your roommate will appreciate the gift while you finish your assignments. 

Masks that are ideal for sleep should have soft, skin-friendly materials, be adjustable, and give you the freedom to open your eyes naturally. All the sleeping masks are almost the same, but you can opt for the Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask.

Why do we recommend the Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask?

  • Brand: Lonfrote (Known for innovative design for sleep masks)
  • Various colors- (choose your friend’s favorite color)
  • Other benefits: Earplugs that block outside noise let your buddy sleep while you listen to music. Designed with soft materials, it is a comfortable way to release facial tension. It is a perfect fit for everyone due to its complete adjustability.

Throw the pillow away


With an adorable throw pillow, your roommate will have something to grab onto when reading or watching TV. There’s the funny design option, or you can upload your image to the one you choose. Perhaps have the pillow tailored-made with your picture or a photo of their cute puppies. 

If you’re looking for a throw pillow like no other, then you should consider JOJUSIS Modern Geometric. 

JOJUSIS Modern Geometric Throw Pillows: why should you choose them for your roommate?

  • Brand – JOJUSIS (Organised under the name of JOJO)
  • Materials – High-quality cotton (easy-to-clean, durable and luxurious)
  • Another benefit is the inclusion of a hidden zipper to make inserting the pillow a stress-free experience. The dyeing process used ensures color durability. This means that it can be machine washed and will not fade over time. 

Chrissy and her fans have for years been using Cravings: Hungry for More to share delicious recipes online. Now they can try them themselves!

“Chrissy Teigen is an aspiring celebrity cookbook author who might someday be able to help others. Her first book was breathtaking, and this one does not disappoint. Her recipes are easy to follow and interesting for even the most experienced cook, but they are also kid- and family-friendly. She has a lot of great recipes that have become family favorites in our house. CT is funny, talented, and brings a lot of new ideas to this genre.” 

You can learn a lot about people’s personalities by playing a fun card game called Voting Game. Every time we had guests over, my roommate and I would play this song, “The Friendship Ender.”. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dose of DrAMA?

As each round begins, a question card is drawn, such as “Who gives the most awkward hugs?” Each person in the group anonymously votes for a member of the group. However, the real fun begins when the winner must guess who voted for them. This game is intended for players ages 17 and up.

I bought this game as a white elephant gift for my office. We played after lunch and had some drinks. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it is. All of the questions make you laugh and cringe at the same time. There were a few questions that seemed to be geared more towards singles (all but one of us are married), but it was still a lot of fun (especially with alcohol). Card quality is excellent and well made. I’m looking forward to playing again.” 



If you want to stay warm, nothing can rival the gift of a comically funny or adorable coffee mug. You can support your roommate’s caffeine addiction and let them be a little lazier on the cleaning by buying them a cup that will brighten up their morning (or night). If you want to make the gift even sweeter, you can use the mug as “wrapping” and place a few packs of their favorite tea as well as some Hershey’s kisses and other candies.



The use of a fancy passport cover can be a great way for your roommate to remember you while you’re away, especially for those who are more adventurous. A passport cover would be a nice gift for me because I’m an international student who flies frequently. Lee Sandler, a junior at American University, says, “I know I’d love to get it, but I’m also willing to give it to someone else.” If your roommate will be studying abroad, this would be a great option.

An umbrella


Your roommate will certainly appreciate this unusual gift, no matter how strange it seems. It is essential to have one of these gifts in the rain, and you will understand why. Walking on college campuses with an umbrella is a great idea. Having an umbrella on hand is always a good idea when the weather is unpredictable. It’s not that expensive, which is a good thing. Therefore, almost everyone can afford one, even if they share a room. 

Every roommate would enjoy receiving a gift that is unique and special. The best umbrella is always the best for your friend, even in the case of an umbrella. A double-layer inverted umbrella such as Spar-Saa may be suitable for you. 

Why choose an inverted umbrella such as Spar-Saa’s? 

  • Brand: Siepasa (High-quality products)
  • Color: blue or black (many people like this color)
  • Other benefits: The top layer can be folded easily when it rains to prevent the car from getting wet. The C-shape handle is frosted and can be gripped over the arm comfortably, allowing one to do other work with their hands. Easily placed anywhere with this flat, smooth top that can stand on its own. 

An Album of Photos 


The experience of creating an album full of pictures and memories shared with your roommate is incredibly satisfying. In this way, you will be remembered for the rest of your life. 

A photo album with large pictures and plenty of pockets is what the ideal one is. This Pioneer Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album may be of interest to you. 

This Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album has exceptional features that make it an exceptional gift:

  • Color: Various (You get to choose based on your friends’ preferences)
  • Photo size: 4×6 inches (Optimal for standard-sized photos) 
  • Number of pockets: 200 (Holds a reasonable amount of photos)
  • In addition, each photo has a memo area that allows you to describe the event it depicts. It prevents liquid spills from affecting your photos. Acid-free and made of PVC, Lignin, and Lignin-free materials to ensure the cleanest environment possible. Photos can be placed either vertically or horizontally in these bidirectional pockets. 

Homall Swivel Bar Stools are Perfect for Getting a Bite or Doing Homework

When you don’t have enough space for a dining room table, or if you enjoy doing homework or eating at the counter, bar stools are a great idea. Designed to be adjustable and swivel 360 degrees, this modern set is very versatile.

The seat is crafted from PU leather and comes with 3.3 inches of high-density sponge for a more comfortable sitting experience. There are a variety of colors available, such as white, black, brown, blue, cream, grey, orange, red, and silver.

Chrome-finished steel is used for the base and footrest, and a rubber ring protects the bottom from scratches. 16 x 15.4 inches is the size of the seat.

They can also buy a candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co., such as the Charleston Sweet Tea Candle, so that their whole house is filled with the smell of summertime. You’re in luck, too, because that also means your home smells like that.

In addition to being black-owned and based in North Carolina, Southern Elegance Candle Co. is also focused on community.

“I received this candle from a friend, but I had to share it because it’s so lovely. Charleston Sweet Tea is made by a black-owned company. The smell reminds me of my summer vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, a few years ago, with the friend who gifted it. Berry, flower, and apple scents fill the room.”


Magnetic Dry Erase whiteboard sheet 


Do you like to communicate with your roommate playfully? If yes, look for this splendid magnetic whiteboard sheet. The good thing is that it does not fall like those little magnetic whiteboards. As well, it’s not so big and bulky. So, you can surprise your roommate with this great gift that makes communication fun. 

There is no doubt that it is an ideal communication solution for communal living. What amazes me more is that it can stick to any metallic surface. Besides, it wipes cleaner than other whiteboards. So, with it, you will communicate messages with your roommate any day. The ideal one is stain-resistant and features a large writing surface. Consider the one from YES4QUALITY. 

The Yes4Quality magnetic dry erase whiteboard sheet makes a perfect present due to the following:

  • Size: 19 x 13 inches 
  • Color White
  • Material type: Whiteboard 
  • Additionally, the board’s stain-resistant surface ensures that it can be erased to 100% of its original white color. Your buddy can write as much as they like on the large writing surface. This product features a strong magnetic back that makes hanging it on nearly any flat surface easy.



Given the financial constraints college students face, you may not be able to see your favorite band with your roommate. Stickers for your laptop show off your shared interests for less money. It is possible to find a huge selection of artwork on sites like Red Bubble, which generally offers discount rates for bulk purchases. Why, after all, wouldn’t a college student have stickers on his or her laptop or at least one on his or her water bottle?



When it comes to laptops, a laptop case is a great gift for someone who is more likely to drop it. Hard cases are preferred by some, but there is nothing better than a sleek bag to slip your laptop into when you head to the library or need to show up to an important meeting looking professional. Although higher-quality cases aren’t cheap, there are still some nice ones to be had for between $15 and $25. As an alternative, you can get your roommate a cool phone case to let them know how much you care about their electronics.

The perfect gift for any man sharing a bathroom

Your roommate can have a happier bathroom if you give him the right tools. This Before-You-Go Toilet Spray set by Poo-Pourri lets you eliminate embarrassing bathroom odors before you, your roommate, or your company could spend time noticing them.

Featuring two aerosol-free scents that are neither paraben, phthalate, nor formaldehyde, the Master Craftsman Set of 2 is the ultimate craps set.

Put this gift in your bathroom for your roommate to find, or you can use it on your own to prevent foul odors from emanating from your bathroom.

The gift set comes in a pack featuring a toolbox decorated with Poo-Pourri bottles. Regardless of how you use this gift, it will benefit those who live with you. It might even spark a few laughs on your part.

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